Warrior’s Orochi 3 – Tips – How to unlock Bond stages

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To unlock a Bond stage, you have to get specific characters bond raised with each other past the first threshold. Here’s how to do it quickly. I was also collecting 4th weapons from the vendor 0n the way. After getting the Good ending, you unlock Moon Viewing as a Tea Party type. This raises your bond with 1 person by about +150. You need to do this 3 times to reach the first threshold. So pick the 3 characters required, it’ll say who’s required in the stage description. Change to one of the required characters, do the Tea Party (Moon Viewing) 3 times to reach the first threshold with the other 2 members. NOTE: This works both ways, so raising with Lian Shi with Lu Meng raises for them for each other. This means you do not have to do Lu Meng with Lian Shi after that. Now, switch to the second character and raise with the third person. It’s a total of 9 moon viewings (3 for each person). Now, you’re done getting everyone’s bond to threshold. Now do a quick stage, I choose Ueda Castle with all 3 in the party. This will break the threshold, and unlocking the bond stage. Just initiate the dialogue in camp to access it.

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