Unlock Blackberry Instantly for Free: BB Unlock Code Generator

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Just want to thank you guys for the 37000+ views, there have been over 8000 downloads of the software! Please Share Like and Subscribe for more tech stuff as it comes out! I am going to show you guys how to unlock a BlackBerry for Free, Generate Unlock Codes with the SAME tools en linea companies use for FREE Is there a specific Topic you would like us to discuss? Comment 0n our channel or this video and we may include it in a future video. Step 1). Download the BB Logger MAC- cl.ly PC- cl.ly Step 2). Download the BB Calculator bit.ly -OR- cl.ly ****You will need your BlackBerry, and the USB Cable that came with your phone. (If you don’t have the USB Cable for your BlackBerry, the steps to get the MEP-Name without a cable are available here bit.ly Both of these Programs are Compatible with Windows® XP, Windows® Vista & Windows® 7. If you Have a Macintosh Based Computer You will Have to run the software through Parallels or VMWare Fusion. ( I am Using VMWare Fusion with Windows® 7 Ultimate.) Step 3). Make sure BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed 0n your computer, this is necessary because it installs all of the needed drivers for your computer to see your BlackBerry Device. Step 4). Close BlackBerry Desktop Manager and Plug in your BlackBerry Device with the USB cable. Make sure it sees your device in the task bar status window in the right corner. Step 5). Open BB Logger (BBLogger.exe) and hit “Read BlackBerry HandSet Info” (If it does not read the first time around reboot

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