Universal Simlock Remover

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El mejor aplicación para absolver íntegramente persona de telefonos carente poseer que gastar un únicamente peso y lo mejor que es 100% licito es demasiado facil de usar demasiado afable para todas las personas que desean cambiar de compañia y poseen el telefono bloqueado
Universal de Simlock Remover – Software Libre desbloquear
recomendado para Universal Box 4.0

En 1º lugar por favor DESINSTALAR todas las actualizaciones previos de USR e construir la versión COMPLETA 1,09! 
Es necesario, porque las versiones previos tenían fallos. 

descargar la versión completa desde 1,09 inclusive 117 MB

31.10.2004 – version 1.0.7 lanzado

software para Universal Box 4,0 sección documentaciones: muchas mas recientes descripciones de la sección de software: – unos cuantos mas recientes programas a prueba – unos cuantos programas de la vieja

In the latest update v1.06 we added the following:
Alcatel BH4 Unlocker for 535 and 735
Alcatel BE5, BF3, BF4, BG3, BF5 Tool by Heinrich 4.3
Bosch Unlocker by Electroboy
Mitsubishi Workshop for: Aria, Astral, Cosmo, Geo, Mars
Motorola C200 Service (fixed bug from 1.05)
Motorola E365 Nck Reader
Motorola E365 Unlocker
Samsung Tools Vilani 2.0
Samsung UST
Samsung V2xx and S1xx
Sony Log reader

Additionally in \”Nokia Section\” – CRUX calculator for remonte unlock:

Alcatel: Hx1
LG: 1200, 1300, 510, 520, 510W, 7010, 7020, B1200, B1300, G510, M1200, M1300, W3000
NEC (temporary unlock): C313, C316, E606, E613, E616, E808
Nokia DCT2, DCT3, DCT4
Samsung: A300, A400, A800, E500, E700, E715, M100, P400, S100, S105, S300, S307, S500, SGH600, SGH2100, V200, X100, X600
Siemens: 808, CL50, CL55, ST55
Sony: CMD-C1, CMD-C5
Panasonic: GD50, GD50, GD5

Documentation section updated for: Alcatel, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Sony

In the latest update v1.05 we added the following:
Alcatel Service Software
Mitsubishi All Trium Unlocker
Mitsubishi TTool
Motorola C200 Unlocker
Motorola E365 Tool HackGSM edition
Motorola T19x Service Software by HackGSM v3.01b
Philips Toolz Deluxe v2.53 by Sanchez
Samsung C100 Unlocker
Samsung C100 Unlocker by Vilani
Samsung Tools X100 E710 S500
Samsung S500 Tool
Samsung Unlocker 1.0.2 by Vilani
Siemens C62 Unlocker – DECRYPTER
Siemens C62 Unlocker – LOGGER
Siemens Freia version 10 – Supports: C30, S40, C35, C35 New, M35, M35 new, S35, S35 New,A35, A36, A40, A50, A52, A55, A60, 1168, C45, 2118, C55, 2128, C60, S45, S55, ME45, M55, MC60, SL42, SL45, SL55, 6688, MT50, M50, 3318
Siemens Bootcore Patch NO TESTPOINT NEEDED
Siemens M55 Unlocker
Siemens MC60 Unlocker
Siemens ST55 CL50 Code
Siemens Testpoint Location
Siemens X55 Contrast Setting
Toshiba Unlocker Ts21i

Additionally some new codes and documentation

Especially for you we have created new software. It is the set of programs to almost all models of mobile phones. Open source of this software give us possibility to update it very often.

USR [Universal Simlock Remover] contains only tested and working solutions. Everybody can download USR from here.

[ click to enlarge ]

photo 1. USR software interface

1. How it works?

When You open Universal Simlock Remover You will see very clear interface. On the left menu You can browse direcories by name of phone. You can choose beetwen: Alcatel, Bosch, Ericsson, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Siemens, Sony. Very soon also new brands of phones available

[ click to enlarge ]

photo 2. Directory of phone models

Once You choose desired brand and model of phone You will be able to view information about the software. In the window below You will see description, instructions how to unlock the phone, supported models of phones (this is important to not destroy the phone), and any additional warnings about using it.

[ click to enlarge ]

photo 3. Description window

To start choosen program simply press START button located 0n the right corner of interface. Program will open and will be ready to use.

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