Sprint HTC® EVO 3D Giveaway!

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Here is how you can enter to win a Clean ESN Mint condition Sprint HTC® EVO 3D! This is my best way to give back to everyone for all the amazing support you guys give me! THANK YOU! Be sure to share this video and have friends and family enter! Of course you can do whatever you’d like with this phone if you win! Sell it if you want! Steps: 1. SUBSCRIBE! 2. Give this video a thumbs up 3. Comment 0n this video! 4. See various social calceta links below and share posts! Facebook (Like my page and share post!): www.facebook.com Twitter (Retweet and follow!) twitter.com Google® Plus (Add me to your circles and share!): plus.google.com Thanks for entering and I hope you win!!!
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Lisa Gade compares the Samsung® Galaxy™ S III and the HTC® One X 0n AT&T. Check out our full video review of the Samsung® Galaxy™ S III at: www.youtube.com Check out our full written review of the Samsung® Galaxy™ S III at:letechreview.com Check out our full video review of the HTC® One X at: www.youtube.com Check out our full written review of the HTC® One X at:letechreview.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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