Primal Carnage – T-Rex Gameplay

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(2012) Primal Carnage – T-Rex Gameplay ———– Primal Carnage is an en linea multijugador shooter that will engross its players in skilled PVP combat, team-based strategy and savage class-oriented matches unlike any you’ve previously experienced; be it an armed human mercenary or a cunning dinosaur, Primal Carnage is sure to unleash the inner beast in anyone who seeks to survive amongst the fittest. • Five large, open environments in which to team up and take down the human or dinosaur competition en linea • 10 playable classes (five human, five dinosaur) each with unique skills and abilities that can trump each other in a rock-paper-scissors fashion • Play from both first-person (humans) and third-person (dinosaurs) perspective • Multiple achievements, unlockables and planned DLC HDPLAY Official Website HDPLAY (PC Games) CGO PLAY (Casual/Indie Games) HD TOUCH PLAY (iOS/Iphone/Android Games) HD SPORTS PLAY (Sports Games, FIFA 13, PES 2013, NBA 2K13…)
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