Pip Andersen free running Barcelona with the Nokia® Lumia™ 900

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To celebrate the launch of the new Nokia® Lumia™ 900 at Mobile World Congress 2012, Nokia® challenged free runner, Pip Andersen of www.piptrix.com and www.youtube.com to try out the Lumia™ 900 in and around the city of Barcelona. By doing what he loves most Pip was able to take the Lumia™ 900 to the extreme. To submit amazing ideas for how to make the most of the Nokia® Lumia™ and get involved yourself visit Nokia® Connects and request a trial: nokia.ly Find out more about the Nokia® Lumia™ 900: nokia.ly
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PhoneArena reviews the Nokia® N9. The Nokia® N9 was hottly anticipated and yet, sadly, this illusive handset won’t be widely available to the majority of you readers. Simply put, when we hold the Nokia® N9 in our hands, we’re holding a piece of history. MeeGo, the culmination of decades of Nokia® mobile software development, is now offically canceled So why are we reviewing the Nokia® N9? For more details, check out our web site: www.phonearena.com
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