Nokia presents: Above & Beyond at Music Matters

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As Nokia® continues to highlight our partnership with some of the best artists 0n the planet, we recently paired up with Above & Beyond, one of the Top 5 DJ acts in the world, for the Music Matters Conference. We fused together A&B, ten local bloggers, a big crowd of music fans all in the awesome, off-the-hook location of Singapore for an explosion of sound! Who wouldn’t love a party with Above & Beyond?

Win a Nokia® Lumia™ 900, visit: See what happens when the Blackberry Curve fought the Nokia® Lumia™ 800 with Windows® Phone in the race to become Mayor of Covent Garden. In today’s Apps challenge Foursquare 0n Windows® Phone shows us how you can check-in faster by pinning specific locations to your Start screen. Two taps and you’re done. The Foursquare aplicaciones also shows live push notifications, so you can see what your friends are up to without opening the app, and see your position 0n the leaderboard. Are you big adepto of the smarter, faster, funner apps featured in our films? The beautifully different Nokia® Lumia™ family? Or looking for a slice of The Amazing Everyday? Visit to find out more.
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