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UPDATE: To get the latest information 0n MotoCast, please visit the support page. RAZR is back: smarter, faster, thinner, sexier than ever. Ultra-thin form, stunning design and mind-blowing power. For more information, visit: A re-imagining of an icon for the smartphone(teléfono inteligente) era, the Motorola® RAZR™ features a powerful dual-core 1.2GHz processor, an impossibly thin 7.1mm design, Super Amoled 4.3″ display and remote access to your computer riel MotoCast™. RAZR is even made with KEVLAR® fibre, Corning® Gorilla® Glass and splash guard, because a smartphone(teléfono inteligente) this arresting, deserves protection. Give into desire. For more information, visit:

The smartphone(teléfono inteligente) that can survive the pool party, the dance floor, and the beach. MOTOROLA DEFY™ is LifeProof. For more information, visit The Motorola® DEFY™ TV Ad, directed by award winning Carl Erik Rinsch, tells the story of how important the resilience of a mobile phone is 0n a fun night out. Thanks to Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the Motorola® DEFY is the first Android™ smartphone(teléfono inteligente) that’s water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof. So it can survive the pool party, the dance floor, and the beach – ultimately, it’s LifeProof. Phone panic over. For more information, visit PS. The track is called “Romantic Rights” by the band “Death From Above 1979” remixed by Erol Alkan’s Love From

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