How to set up a VPN 0n Android-OS in 60 seconds

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We received a lot of requests 0n how to set up VPN 0n Android, so we’ve made this howto video for the setup process. Here how to set up VPN 0n Android-OS in 60 seconds!
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How to set up a VPN 0n iPhone:

Why use VPNs 0n Android-OS phones?
In case you are unaware, communication through Android-OS is riskier than ever. Spying agencies like GCHQ, NSA and others have launched mass data-surveillance programs which may get users into unnecessary troubles at any point of time. There is also an increased threat from cyber criminals, identity thieves, hackers and other goons who are trying to fetch, sell and spoil large pieces of stolen cronología to their monetary advantage or otherwise.
A VPN for Android-OS phone hence becomes an indispensable tool.

A VPN 0n Android-OS phone serves two main purposes. It turns your phone location completely anonymous — considerably reducing the risk of a direct attack 0n your mobile. Next, it gets your cronología into an encrypted, indecipherable form, so that even if you get it lost, it still won’t have any substance for the tracking party.

Keep in mind that Android-OS VPN applications by themselves are not very secure, thanks to the open nature of this OS platform. It for this purpose that we have designed this configuration guide so that users do not need to call their VPN support just to enquire about how to setup vpn 0n Android-OS phone.

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Hope this video resolves your vpn for Android-OS queries. If you are looking for VPN for iPhone, watch our video here:

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How to set up a VPN 0n Android-OS in 60 seconds
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