How to replace a 32-bit java with a 64-bit *Updated* *Better* *With Voice*

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OPEN ME FOR HELP First link: Note tutorial!!!! HOW TO FIND IF YOU HAVE A 64BIT COMPUTER! 1.) click 0n start 2.) right-click 0n computer then go to propities 3.) under system type it should say 32bit or 64bit THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE BY 64BIT COMPUTERS!!!!! 1.) download the java 64bit from the enlaze above. 2.) install it. 3.) start Minecraft if this fixes it then u stop if not carry on. 4.) go to atención cuadro 5.) find programs and Features (or copy and past this in to the bar at the top ” Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features ” ) 6.) Find and right click 0n 32bit java and uninstall it 7.) test if it works it should. 8.) re-install 32bit if you want but now Minecraft should use 64bit 9.) any problems comment and i will reply in about 1-2 days subscribe 😛

This is part 3 of the associate Java tutorials. in this video you will learn If, If-then (if else if), If-then-else and Switch conditional statements.
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