Android VPN with NordVPN

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Protect your privacy en linea with! Unblock any content, watch Netflix or Hulu anywhere
We offer double cronología encryption, automatic kill switch, DNS leak solucionar and many more!

~** Superfast Servers Everywhere **~
Join the NordVPN network of 32+ worldwide servidor locations in 20 different countries. We cover every continent except Antarctica. But only because penguins just don’t get the Internet.

~** Double Data Encryption **~
NordVPN’s Double VPN technology encrypts cronología not once, but twice. It’s the tightest security in the industry, and it’s only available 0n NordVPN.

~** DNS Leak Resolver **~
Sometimes DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside VPN tunnels. But not with NordVPN. Our DNS leak solucionar keeps all DNS queries secure and protected.

~** Strict No Logs Policy + Tor Over VPN **~
NordVPN never logs where you go 0n the Internet. If anyone asks, the best we can do is shrug our shoulders. And we like it that way.
If your VPN connection drops out, our kill switch technology instantly shuts down any site or software you specify in advance. No worries about accidental exposure of sensitive data.

~** Lightning Speed **~
You know how the world looks when you’re riding in an F1 racer? Yeah, neither do we. But we bet it’s a lot like video streaming and browsing with NordVPN.

~** Easiest VPN Ever **~
To get 0n NordVPN, just click and go. NordVPN’s secure VPN software takes care of all the hard stuff so you can focus 0n fun stuff. And work stuff, if you have to.

~** Multiple Device Support **~
Our standard package gives you unmetered access for two devices simultaneously. That includes smartphones, tablets, and even routers. So it’s easy and affordable to protect your whole network.

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Android VPN with NordVPN
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