16 Best Free Apps for the New Ipad 3

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If you enjoyed the video, please Like it, it really helps me out, and it only takes a second. Please excuse the darkness, and the sound. The sound got messed up during converting/editing. (the irony) Come checkout my Blogger: newn3rdgaming.blogspot.com Apps List from the video: 1) Temple Run 2) Angry Bird HD 3) Draw Free 4) Zombie Hwy 5) Zombie GS 6) HungryGames 7) Mr.Oops!! 8) Labyrinth LE 9) StupidZombie 10) Hit Tennis 2 11) Doodle Sprint 12) SimplePhysics 13) FancyPants 14) Shark Night 15) Letris 2 16) Unblock Me Please Note: I did not rate them in order, they’re all great games to have, and they were all Free when I got them. iPad Trick: Getting to the top without scrolling: www.youtube.com iPad Trick: Creating and naming Folders: www.youtube.com iPad Trick: Keyboard tricks: www.youtube.com Watch me opening all the applications (63 apps) 0n the iPad 3: www.youtube.com Watch what comes with the iPad 3: www.youtube.com

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