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TUTORIAL: How to update your XPERIA X10 to Sony® Ericsson Official Gingerbread / Android-OS 2.3.3

Escrito Por Android on septiembre 6th, 2012

WARNING: Intended for those who can not update their phones riel Ordenador Companion. Update to 2.1 before attempting! PROCESS WILL WIPE YOUR DATA JUST LIKE A Ordenador COMPANION UPDATE! ALL CONTACTS AND APPS WILL BE GONE! BACK UP YOUR CONTACTS VIA GMAIL or PREFERRED APPS! BACK UP AND RESTORE APP IS NOT ON NEWEST FIRMWARE. I have not tested this but, see below for enlaze for back up and restore aplicaciones that may work 0n newest firmware. (USERS HAVE CONFIRMED IT WORKS – SEE COMMENT SECTION). I am not responsible if you mess up your device. Reflash to stock if you are having issues! (You can always reflash to stock firmware using flashtool or repair with Ordenador Companion) Install instructions: Optional A – Backup your device using Backup and Restore aplicaciones by Sony® Ericsson. 1. Turn 0n USB Debugging 0n Xperia™ X10 – Settings – Applications – Development – USB Debugging 2. Turn 0ff User Access Controls 0n Ordenador 3. Install Sony® Ericsson Ordenador Companion & connect phone to Ordenador to install drivers. Unplug phone from PC. 4. Download flashtool and Install Flash tool 0n your PC: (please read and look for the links) 5. Download X10 Gingerbread Firmware/FTF: 6. Put FTF file into firmware folder of flashtool 7. Run Flashtool/Press Flash 8. Select Firmware and all contents of Firmware 9. Turn 0ff your phone and Connect your phone in Flash Mode 10. Update/Flash will take about 5 minutes, Unplug when finished 11. Enjoy Gingerbread Optional B – Install Backup and Restore Aplicaciones from Sony® Ericsson
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25 Responses to “TUTORIAL: How to update your XPERIA X10 to Sony® Ericsson Official Gingerbread / Android-OS 2.3.3”

  1. Shaylesety dice:


  2. Shaylesety dice:

    im having this error any idea why?::( ERROR – ERR_SEVERITY=”MAJOR”;ERR_CLASS=”SECURITY_CLASS”;ERR_DYNAMIC=”SIN header verification failed”

  3. Karen Varquez dice:

    Thank you so much! :) This one really worked for me. :)

  4. shatapkez dice:

    thanks dude! i tried it and it worked! thanks a bunch! :))

  5. sopdogg dice:

    Dropbox disables my links after it hits a 2 gig download limit for three days. Try again tomorrow to see if it works. I don’t have access to another fileshare and it is too large to just send it directly.

  6. slayerthedaired dice:

    the file or w.e is deleted can u send me a direct link to a working download for the gingerbread firmware download please?

  7. ngragnolati dice:

    Hey buddy thanks a lot !! Excellent explanation and clear for beginners. I really appreciate it.

  8. LuvsTheBunnie dice:

    can i update from the PC companion without Flash Tool?

  9. zerotul4 dice:

    Isn’t that very Slow? :S I want to Install it, but I dont know if it would work well..

  10. SEXYxB3AST dice:

    Hey might wanna update this video if you haven’t already. The Flashtool you’re using in this video is outdated. It would help if you made another video with the newest version :)

  11. BFMVna dice:

    Does it work on Sont Xperia S 4.0.4 !?

  12. Brian Giles dice:

    Does it works on Xperia X8?

  13. Nicholas SuhSick Young dice:

    dude ur the greatest and the best

  14. sopdogg dice:

    Yes, works with any version of the phone.

  15. Justwatchmeful dice:

    Hi does this ftf works for x10a also? And will it work from sim from Nepal. My phone screen touch stops working on another firmware, so m going to try this

  16. sopdogg dice:

    The firmware file is in the description. Dropbox has temporarily stopped all sharing of my file because download limitations have been exceeded. I don’t have another filesharing site. I would just try again every once in awhile. I think today or tomorrow the limitation should be lifted.

  17. notje21 dice:

    Is there anyway to get the firmware file?

  18. sopdogg dice:

    Install the latest java on your computer, set your phone up for initial flash via PC companion. Try that and let me know if there are additional issues.

  19. sopdogg dice:

    I’ve had a lot of downloads so Dropbox disables it periodically. I don’t have another fileshare site unfortunately.

  20. sopdogg dice:

    You shouldn’t have to worry about mtp mode if you are trying to upgrade your Xperia X10. 2011 lines include the Arc, Arc S, Neo, etc. Make sure you have set your phone up for the initial flash through PC Companion.

  21. stuartgstephens dice:

    I keep getting this error.
    For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in mtp mode.
    I’ve searched and search, and cannot get the mtp mode or whatever working. Please help.

  22. hanscool1991 dice:

    header verification failed”�


  23. crkhane dice:

    the link for this doesn’t work: Generic version 2.3.3 build 3.0.1.G.0.75 (MD5: 36F52BAA3556CDD7E56383614C01E5D6)

  24. sopdogg dice:

    Not sure what W8 is. This is only for the X10.

  25. lalalalagnes dice:

    is this available in w8? cause i want to upgrade my phone

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