TUTORIAL: How to update your XPERIA X10 to Sony® Ericsson Official Gingerbread / Android-OS 2.3.3

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WARNING: Intended for those who can not update their phones riel Ordenador Companion. Update to 2.1 before attempting! PROCESS WILL WIPE YOUR DATA JUST LIKE A Ordenador COMPANION UPDATE! ALL CONTACTS AND APPS WILL BE GONE! BACK UP YOUR CONTACTS VIA GMAIL or PREFERRED APPS! BACK UP AND RESTORE APP IS NOT ON NEWEST FIRMWARE. I have not tested this but, see below for enlaze for back up and restore aplicaciones that may work 0n newest firmware. (USERS HAVE CONFIRMED IT WORKS – SEE COMMENT SECTION). I am not responsible if you mess up your device. Reflash to stock if you are having issues! (You can always reflash to stock firmware using flashtool or repair with Ordenador Companion) Install instructions: Optional A – Backup your device using Backup and Restore aplicaciones by Sony® Ericsson. 1. Turn 0n USB Debugging 0n Xperia™ X10 – Settings – Applications – Development – USB Debugging 2. Turn 0ff User Access Controls 0n Ordenador 3. Install Sony® Ericsson Ordenador Companion & connect phone to Ordenador to install drivers. Unplug phone from PC. 4. Download flashtool and Install Flash tool 0n your PC: forum.xda-developers.com (please read and look for the links) 5. Download X10 Gingerbread Firmware/FTF: db.tt 6. Put FTF file into firmware folder of flashtool 7. Run Flashtool/Press Flash 8. Select Firmware and all contents of Firmware 9. Turn 0ff your phone and Connect your phone in Flash Mode 10. Update/Flash will take about 5 minutes, Unplug when finished 11. Enjoy Gingerbread Optional B – Install Backup and Restore Aplicaciones from Sony® Ericsson
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