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The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb – Part 69 – Too Many Questions

Escrito Por Android on noviembre 23rd, 2012

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb Gameplay and Walkthrough Part 1: Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! :) I’m ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos every day! BUY ZACKSCOTT SHIRTS: SUBMIT LOL REPLAYS Thanks for watching The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb Walkthrough and Gameplay! This indie game is the creation of Edmund McMillen (half of Team Meat) and Florian Himsl. I got Golden God 0n the genuino Binding of Isaac, so I’m looking forward to completing the Wrath of the Lamb DLC! If you’re a adepto of independent games or looking to find out more about The Binding of Isaac, then subscribe and tune in daily to ZackScottGames for new episodes of The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb! NOW PLAYING Minecraft – The Walking Dead – Happy Wheels – The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb – The Binding of Isaac – ALL GAMES – ZACKSCOTT CHANNELS FOLLOW ZACKSCOTT

Today at an Amazon event, amazon announced a new kindle lineup. While they already updated the Kindle Fire, they recently announced a new Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire HD features a 1.8GHZ dual core processor, a 1920×1200 resolution screen, a front facing HD Camera, dolby digital audio and “fastest wifi”. There are a few different versions of this device. The 7 Inch model will run for 9, a 8.9 inch model for 9. There’s also a 9 3G model with 32GB of storage and an 8.9 inch display. You can also get the amazon 4g LTE Package. The price is for a year with amazon credit, 250MB of monthly cronología and 20GB of cloud storage. Preorder a Kindle Fire HD: First Look – Amazon Kindle Fire HD First Look – Amazon Kindle Fire HD First Look – Amazon Kindle Fire HD First Look – Amazon Kindle Fire HD Stalk Me —————————————————————————— Facebbok: Twitter: Ask Me a Question: Google+: Second Channel: —————————————————————————- Video Made Using: Premiere Pro CS5.5 Audacity Blue Yeti Microphone HP H8-1160t
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45 Responses to “The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb – Part 69 – Too Many Questions”

  1. pokepower887 dice:

    hes making a friendly suggestion, he even asked a friendly question, no need to slap wrists

  2. agnostos1000 dice:

    HE DIES!

  3. wewo711 dice:

    10:51 Mom’s Pearl (trinket) and the Mitre (power-up) do that Zack…

  4. bobblolblob dice:

    Hey, I’ve just received a free Minecraft Giftcode!
    You can get one too!

    >> <<

  5. RexForTheWin dice:

    Are all his other channels dead now? :(

  6. RockVanilla1 dice:

    O3O Yes it is.
    I wasn’t waiting for sexy doomsday or anything o.o’

  7. o SlackingBoss o dice:

    Joke: “Hey bro what is your maturity level on a scale of 1-100?” “69”

  8. MrHellstorm1991 dice:

    weeeooow! ep 69 :)

  9. CreeperSl4yer dice:

    At least you can play better than me c:
    I never reached Isaac c:

  10. MedemRijp dice:

    hes not even asking!

  11. tokoro9teen dice:

    i will only say something abot the number on episode 666 xD

  12. MrGangsterride dice:

    i think 69

  13. Curlyfry376 dice:

    Shut up Derzak, how old are you then?

  14. TheRampagebunny dice:

    69 teehee

  15. SuperRedeyedemon dice:

    ??? Guys real name is the blue boby

  16. XxCanttouchDiswolfxX dice:

    Faps. I mean, fraps. (69 reference)

  17. IPODsify dice:

    zack AI is for advance player interactivity (API) random generation is in Algorithyms not AI

  18. thatsuckyhalorevewer dice:

    yum 69

  19. hakage21 dice:

    69 is number for people who have sex

  20. SonjiLumia dice:

    69 Hur hur hur

  21. TheEnderPigShow dice:

    Why? is it a special number? Pervert…

  22. videomaker92ify dice:

    hey can someone help me? i would like to know how to record gaming videos but am not sure how.

  23. elijah garcia dice:

    These are the bosses you haven’t beaten yet triachnid teratoma and the wretched

  24. coleisarock133 dice:


  25. MrZmaster1998 dice:

    24min = :(

  26. Harry Axe dice:

    Realy Good Video!!

  27. KindleWithJason dice:

    Anything Kindle Related… You can count me in.
    Awesome. I really enjoy the titles you can get for so cheap too!

  28. justjosh1121 dice:

    Damn, I just bought my ORIGINAL Kindle Fire….

  29. marksapollo dice:

    Eh what? No it isn’t, Google have launched it worldwide. The Nexus Q is US only at the moment. Also in the UK we have the re-freshed Kindle Fire and the 16GB and 32GB Kindle Fire HD 7″.

  30. KangarooMaan dice:

    I received both a Kindle Fire and a Ipad as gifts, I liked the Kindle so much more the only bad thing was the size. Now that there’s a bigger one and way more amazing tablets there is no point in spending 600 for an i pad.

  31. SuperBlackcat28 dice:

    Sorry to tell you that the kindle fire HD 7″ version is being sold in the uk as well as the first kindle fire that got updated

  32. superhotbm dice:

    Kindle fire HD has hdmi out. N7 fail. No games on tv.
    You could have a full fledged computer with windows rt coming.

  33. highdefinitiondiva dice:

    I love my Fire, would love a bigger better one!

  34. v4tv dice:

    @danielcamerofeijoo no it came out a week later in great brittian and australia, and since this week also in western Europe, the kindle fire though only supports amazon content that is only supported in the us

  35. danielcamerofeijoo dice:

    The nexus 7 is US only too

  36. v4tv dice:

    The specs are awesome the overhauled os with all the amazon crap isn’t. This is an US only product while the nexus 7 sells worldwide

  37. Javier Gutierrez dice:

    a heavily modified version of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  38. GoldenTigerXS dice:

    Pray tell what your iClone tablet can do “so much more” of than a Nexus 7, or this amazing-looking Kindle Fire HD? ProTip: Nothing.

  39. Isaac Ehrler dice:

    SHIPS IN 2013!!!

  40. H4hei dice:

    Kindle fire sucks! That’s not real android. That custom OS is like for kids and grandmothers lol

  41. Alex Choco dice:

    Oh no if amazons gonna come at the iPad 3. They can suck it. The kindle fire is nothing but a $200 piece of shit paper weight. You can do so much more on an iPad, or a Nexus 7 if you can’t afford an iPad, at least the iPad and Nexus 7 are good.

  42. phenochio dice:

    Order today/ Ships November 20? Jeez

    We might as well wait and see how iPad Mini comes out first if we won’t get the new kindle fire on our hands earlier or atleast this month or next month.

    i seriously don’t get why it takes that long for them to release it to the public and reveal 2months prior.

    Apple does a great JOB up to this date with everything. 10 days after the reveal, it’s out for us to buy.

    Same with the Nokia Lumia that came out yesterday, it won’t be out until a month or so.

  43. James Burt dice:

    What version of Android is it based on?

  44. djsonnylove dice:

    The Nexus 7 has a quad core and a proper android OS so doubt I will be selling mine

  45. thgharrybobjr dice:


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