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Straight Talk Micro Sim Card for AT&T Iphone 4 and 4s

Escrito Por Android on agosto 4th, 2012

MMS and Data 0n Straight Talk 0n All iPhones 1G, 2G, 3G, 4, 4S Without Jailbreak video Need Help with anything from jailbreak, to computers, to installing straight talk my cost is how much you want to donate after we are done (even if its ), 660-221-9406 you can call text or imessage NEW JAILBREAK 5.1.1 available, Jailbreak Released 0n other site and is reuploaded to daniels upload also this extracts folder and files through cmd 0n Windows® If you need help setting up just let me know, here is an email address or IM address (google chat) where you can contact me at Here is Instructions for adding Apn for Data Connect to Wifi and Download from this enlaze and install profile then disconnect wifi and enjoy Unlimited 3G (its, slash, lowercase d, Capital i, lowercase h, zero, lowercase q) or do it by yourself 1. Connect to Wifi and go 2. click 0n tethering (very bottom) 3. Create Your Own (very bottom) 4. put in following info Name: Straight Talk APN: att.mvno 5. download 6. Install 7. disconnect from wifi and enjoy Unlimited 3G Here is Instructions for adding Apn for MMS People say that if you put in unrecognized sim like tmobile sim card the menu option to put in apns show up (which i tried and did work) then you quickly put back in the Straight Talk sim and put in setting under mms apn and go home and it would work (but for me 0n 4s it wouldn’t save or
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On Oct. 4, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook takes 0n his first big assignment, announcing the release of the iPhone 5. And not surprisingly, the Twitterverse is crazed with anticipation. The latest iPhone is rumored to have a new operating system, a full-HD camera, and an A5 dual core processor. Apple’s carefully staged announcements have ushered in its most célebre products including the iPod, iPad, and the iPhone. Oct. 4’s announcement however will be markedly different, as it’s the first major announcement in over decade without Apple® co-founder Steve Jobs.

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48 Responses to “Straight Talk Micro Sim Card for AT&T Iphone 4 and 4s”

  1. Mickeym1a2n3 dice:

    if you have not tried Magic Jack you can get the app free, no one can call you but you can make calls, i don’t no how many but it might come in handy ya never no, i think i have made like 10 calls already at no charge, for anyone who wants to try it, and i am NOT! advertising anything. i no i’m gonna use mine till it cuts me off lol Thanks for your posts danogne10 i just

  2. danogne10 dice:

    you could email it to your self easily by going on your computer to that link in video then click download and then email that file to your phone ( you only do this if when you go to this link on safari (only safari) on your iphone and it shows a long code )

  3. danogne10 dice:

    i have ios 6 beta right now, ios 5 in video, but straight talk should work on all ios versions

  4. danogne10 dice:

    do you have 3g or 4g in top corner, have you installed the mobile config file shown in video?

  5. danogne10 dice:

    she may jailbreak her phone if she likes but like you said its a small chance if she uses newest jailbreaks, but for her to do it without jailbreak – data is done with the mobile config file she downloads that shown in video or i have method which when have chance make video of, that i can do mms and data remotely connected to computer using ibackupbot, (so no jailbreak needed)

  6. danogne10 dice:

    if you have att iphone no unlock or jailbreak needed mms and data apn can be put into phone without jailbreak – i done it my self and done it for many other people – call me (phone number in description) , if you have sprint or verizon then you do need unlock, and depending on type of unlock like grevey sim you most likely need jailbreak also note that some people using gravey sim unlock method on sprint or verizon iphones might have grayed out picture messaging so gravy sim might not have mms

  7. danogne10 dice:

    you might need to contact straight talk and ask them to reprovisionize your account (make sure its up to date and setup correctly)

  8. Serenity3325 dice:

    I tried to update my APN and it does not even work on my phone.

  9. SaraST8 dice:

    Hi Elitesales100! My name is Sara from Straight Talk. I read your post and to answer your question you don’t have to jailbreak your phone because this may damage or brick your phone. As long as it’s unlocked you can already use the BYOP SIM card. In order for your phone’s data services to work, you must update your APN data settings, also called the Access Point Name. If you have further questions, please email us at Thank you.

  10. elitesales100 dice:

    if i jailbreak it do i have to unlock it again?

  11. MsCuteKee dice:

    everytime I try to connect to Safari it says, “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found” WHAT DO I DO!

  12. iheartu621 dice:

    it worked! I’ve been trying to send picture messages to my friends for a month now, and unless they had iMessage I could send it. Thank you so much!

  13. leslierock38 dice:

    what ios do you have ?

  14. cdcasebeer dice:

    Worked like a charm. I did not need to jailbreak to get MMS. The profile you provided seemed to do the job.

  15. SuperSailorStarz dice:

    I want to Activate my iphone with a new number but I get the error: We’re sorry. This session is no longer available. Click here to return to the home page.

  16. electronicsludge dice:


  17. Shundrick Beasley dice:

    what do you mean the apn changer had a proxy and caused problems?

  18. electronicsludge dice:

    dude, swallow

  19. nateRLs dice:

    You have to buy the one online, because the ones at the retailer are for the phones there only.

  20. nateRLs dice:

    Question: Does anyone know max data throughput with the Straight Talk service on the AT&T network?

  21. bachfool dice:

    Question: When I’m on the ST website buying the sim card. it gives me the option to buy a GSM unlocked micro sim, or the att micro sim. which one do i need to buy?

    second: can i jailbreak it before i do this? or do i need to insert the sim card and then jailbreak it?

    please respond! iphone4 at&t

  22. johhnny300 dice:

    Alright thanks

  23. lauren billings dice:

    Straight talk sim card will only work with an AT&T or T-Mobil compatible or unlocked GSM phone

  24. johhnny300 dice:

    Does it have to be an AT&T iphone or can it be Verizon or Sprint?

  25. MLBcelebrity dice:

    Nobody listen to this crap. This video was posted on September 11, 2011 waaaay before people started thinking about this

  26. MrGAMEMON11 dice:

    On my birthday!!!

  27. LiLKoUp44 dice:

    Flannflanatic leavw him alone some people have diffrent beleifs and gods


    yes there is

  29. ithinkweneeddrugs dice:

    No such thing as heaven.

  30. The3Viper3 dice:

    so you believe in reincarnation of a person into new person?

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  33. Jezvex dice:

    Future Spolier: there’s no iPhone 5 but 4S ahah! Btw i’m waiting for the 5 too! :)

  34. supernazo25 dice:


  35. jmcjoystick dice:

    Hopefully the new iPhone 5 will have that feature to unlock your phone using your front camera using your face. And it would be so dope if it had a 4.5 inch HD screen.

  36. GoodWizard2001 dice:

    iPhone 1000 by 2100!!!

  37. iCrazyTVFORU dice:

    Omg I got the exact month of when the iPhone 5 is coming out plz watch my video I just uploaded call apple lunches new arrival plz comment , click on my ad on the video , like and subscribe to my channel.

  38. schraderbluff dice:

    Why do people post rubbish like this without any facts. The new iPad was launched last week so no, it’s not the first announcement since Jobs’ passing.

  39. baaaconman dice:

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  40. andereahvgdka73cN dice:

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  41. mapplestore1 dice:

    Im really sad that Steve passed away. : (

  42. highstona777 dice:

    It’s pretty sad how Steve jobs passed away and when you look at all the products and devices he created you can actually see how hard he worked and how talented he was.

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  45. MrJakeday31 dice:

    Cool Video! iPhone 5 will and is the best:)

  46. gordi45able dice:

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  47. norbertcopper dice:

    want test & keep iPhone 5? go to !!
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  48. crystaaaaalR dice:

    So what is the iphone 5 looks like?

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