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Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Play Video Review

Escrito Por Android on junio 24th, 2012

IGN gives its video review for the Sony® Ericsson Xperia™ Play. Is the first PlayStation Certified phone worthy of the hype and your cash? IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week’s top videos? Sign up

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24 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Play Video Review”

  1. aaronkoolguy1 dice:

    And this is why I like CNET better….

  2. TYZARRD dice:


  3. MrHabboon dice:

    Loco roco

  4. TheNaytron dice:

    ★★★★★ Hello, guys. I just would like to ask some questions about SE Xperia Play, because I think of getting one. As we know, Xperia Play has a sliding keyboard ㅁΔXO that simplifies gaming process. And my questions are: 1). They say, that keyboard-device becomes floppy/loose and telephone loop becomes cracked after active usage of it. Is that true? 2). How long can this keyboard-device and telephone loop serve?

  5. drakLTU dice:

    lol you can play heroes 3 on this with VCMI and there are A LOT OF emulators for this . Its the best phone for gamers!

  6. tothoteo dice:

    Shut the fuck up!

  7. crza814 dice:

    i should be getting mine tomorrow,. and ive seen over 305 games that are playable and alot of them look good. backstab looks really good. and give it time before you jump all over em for the games, or lack of. its sony, theyll get behind it fully once it starts making em money. also i got mine free on an early upgrade so my review will be slightly lax on the critiques

  8. MysticalNonsense dice:

    Xperia Play by a mile most paid apps on the Iphone are free on the Xperia Play e.g Angry Birds and Temple Run

  9. brian bae dice:

    I’ve got it and so far its very good, no lag in gaming

  10. fandhstudios dice:

    Onlive? That is good for games!

  11. 2thumbvids dice:

    Wtf was that game that looked like strikers 1942?

  12. TOBxCO dice:

    im suprised the coments arent filled with windows phone vs expiera lol

  13. hongdekong dice:


  14. redgoesfasta dice:

    It is a phone, lower your expectations it’s not a ps3 or alienware pc. I have one and I reckon it is a great phone, be serious.

  15. rosentarhe dice:


    Customer Reviews:

    everywhere i search im seeing that this phone comes with the charging stand and the wireless Bluetooth headset…but i didnt get it..all i got was the cheap looking headphones and no charging stand…so far that’s the only disappointing thing about my purchase…phone works great

    Product …
    For more details please copy the Amazon link above in your browser

  16. HeroNoobXD dice:

    so i guess ign dont know that the xperia play has ps1 emulator

  17. ermineking88 dice:

    just get some emulators for it!!!!

  18. tjaldid dice:

    Cant wait for Xperia Play HD with ICS

  19. MrDahlas dice:

    with the lowest setting it doesn’t lag very much

  20. zawette dice:

    and damn laggy

  21. MrDahlas dice:

    Playing GTA 3 with this phone is damn fun.

  22. MrJamieb147 dice:

    Underpowered ,well that depends on what your comparing it to to be fair.
    And b lack of games I agree totally theres a hadnful of great games and not much else of any quality But thats where emmulators come in and blow you away ,although it’s sad you almost have to use them to get the most out the xperia play.
    And to make the screen brighter turn off auto brightness in display settings.
    I’d give it an 7.5 -8 and you need to remember sony is making a platform here its still gonna get support .

  23. DatKiDWesOfficial dice:

    I guess they don’t know about emulators?

  24. richard6556 dice:

    Calm down everyone! This review was a while ago. If they reviewed it now, it’d probably have a better score since more games have been added.

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