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Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Play preview

Escrito Por Android on julio 9th, 2012

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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24 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Play preview”

  1. AkonRobinho dice:

    thumbs up if you are a rich motherfocker who lives in the richest city: Westport, CT, and drive around in a BMW and live in a huge motherfucking house with a motherfucking pool, and fuck all the bitches.

  2. Blazer FP dice:

    im gettin it tommorowz


  3. BiggSam256 dice:

    getting this phone that dudes playing the Japanese version of resident evil 2 hell yes

  4. CoNeGate7Delije1989 dice:

    is it androin phone?

  5. cosplayersalbum dice:

    If you play playstation 2, 3, portable, vita. Check out the growing facebook group “Playstation Network Global”. ~ making the network just a little bigger for the player

  6. Awal885 dice:

    besok w beli

  7. cricketvideoable dice:

    nokia is for old men, cant compared with sony

  8. Th3King86 dice:

    But does this phone have much internal memory? And what is the MP3 player like?

  9. droougrozz dice:

    how much price is this phone??

  10. Uygar Geçer dice:

    how much ?

  11. StickyHD dice:

    My friend has this and the touch joysticks are horrible for gameplay, they respond badly and the games you can play on it isn’t as good as you want them to be. And without the latest update on the phone it takes 5 minutes to turn it on.

  12. neyula1 dice:

    hey, i have a problem with back cover. when i put it on the switch button doesnt work. can anyone give me an advice? how i can fix it?

  13. KamerideGhost dice:

    can you typing with the gaming button?

  14. TheLegendFrom1996 dice:

    first 1 is Resident Evil 2 and the 2nd 1 is Rage Racer

  15. neyula1 dice:

    what are the names of the games?

  16. TheNaytron dice:

    ★★★★★ Hello, guys. I just would like to ask some questions about SE Xperia Play, because I think of getting one. As we know, Xperia Play has a sliding keyboard ㅁΔXO that simplifies gaming process. And my questions are: 1). They say, that keyboard-device becomes floppy/loose and telephone loop becomes cracked after active usage of it. Is that true? 2). How long can this keyboard-device and telephone loop serve?

  17. lstan8000 dice:

    hey leo gotta ask ya somthing…does every game need to use the controls ur using? no touchscreen?no tilting control over the game?

  18. shadowsniperhuddz dice:


  19. MrSkipjm dice:

    i think im going to get this fone. :( if only they had 4 top buttons instead of 2. racing games are so much better when u can r1 shift up and r2 shift down. tekken is also better with 4 top buttons.

  20. RasinBrahmsHero dice:

    this phone is now free with a 2-year contract from verizon. :)

  21. XtremeKickdown dice:

    can this phone play facebook games?

  22. Izolek10 dice:

    352 Dislikes From Nokia :3

  23. mynameisexplosivo dice:

    this phone or lg optimus 3d plz someone reply

  24. wyattutz dice:

    yea but for a android phone with ICS its pretty good

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