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Sony Ericsson Walkman

Escrito Por Android on septiembre 25th, 2012

Life’s Soundtrack
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Walkman”

  1. JanyPL dice:

    Buahahaha 😀 I fall down from chair xD

  2. vistaistscheisse dice:

    0:18 *lol*

  3. Lucian Sultan dice:

    i would like to do this but i have Nokia. would Sony Ericsson be mad? haha
    i had 3 or 4 SE phones, they rules don’t worry 😀

  4. hoodcartooniez dice:

    hell to da nawh….

  5. brh118 dice:

    Usher is a stupid faggot

  6. MzLee06 dice:

    I love the commercial

  7. sexytash010 dice:

    yea he’s funny as hell lmao

  8. eahlin101 dice:

    Haha! Funny as h*ll

  9. stephaniewazhere dice:

    the white boy with the glasses cracks me up everytime

  10. Eric Crawley dice:

    THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY!!! i would do it, but im not… that girl breaking her neck going down, made my day! LMAO!

  11. stephaniewazhere dice:

    The song ITs called “whats you name?”
    By Usher form his new cd.

  12. RamieleDavidFan dice:

    its annoyingg how everytime i watch a video

    at the end this comes on.

  13. laylowpro42 dice:

    Hey…could you listen to my song OneMinute Miracle! I just finished it and i want to know if it sucks or not…be honest!

  14. girlwithflowerpower dice:

    i have that phone in pink!its AWESOME!

  15. TheChosenGurl dice:

    wats the name of diiss song

  16. kijauskas8 dice:

    Billie im a girl how are you

  17. pinkslushee dice:

    usher- whats your name (feat will i am)

  18. dinosorsrawr dice:

    wat is this song

  19. pinibiga555 dice:

    i have that phone too!, =P

  20. danikker dice:

    i have that phone =]

  21. blackanglewhite dice:




  23. thelittletiger1991 dice:

    click on here to see my version of this :) this is funny ass crap those people did on this commerical lol 😀

  24. ginodelia dice:


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