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Sony Ericsson U8i Vivaz Pro

Escrito Por Android on agosto 24th, 2012

Video Rating: 4 / 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to “Sony Ericsson U8i Vivaz Pro”

  1. paopaowellwell dice:

    this was my very fuck for ever mobile phone i had been use since 1994 day one i used lets talk about this asshole phone
    worse main point was 720 mhz processor too slow
    CPU 720 MHz, PowerVR SGX GPU
    Symbian Series 60, 5th edition this was main firmware made me crazy all download apps are money first

  2. Sergynok97 dice:


  3. MRippedShoe dice:

    it look like it is slowely responding , is that just me or ??

  4. ArmandofierroLeonn dice:

    yesterday i lost that phone :( i miss it :(

  5. LiaMaKaChauHai dice:

    this fuck phone made me lost 50% of i purchase from original sony ericsson store just use 5 month still 7 month ahead of warranty but i have to change this asshole phone major problem is …
    1, symbian OS
    2, phone book address not arrange in normal way
    (example search alan all word as long as A L N all appear in mass phone list hard to search)
    3, phone will often hang
    4, none at all free chatting application
    thats why all shit phone
    please dont buy this asshole phone

  6. celinitaxd dice:

    hello I would like to know how you put the wifi because I have a team and not like putting the wifi please help me

  7. TheMRJGREATJ dice:

    @Taiman931 i bought sony ericsson xperia neo, and its awesome !

  8. Taiman931 dice:

    u8i because it has qwerty
    but the camera is 5 mp not 8

  9. Taiman931 dice:

    Symbian :) :)

  10. RcFreakLOL dice:

    yes its Android? its a good question? i would ike to buy one of this

  11. ToniPurgar12 dice:

    android ? 

  12. LiaMaKaChauHai dice:

    you can change this sony wallpaper either to picture twitter, google talk or facebook
    because it is manufacturer come with twitter :) course i had it one my own but guess soon will change it cause the proccessor 720 mhz too slow responding i prefer back in SG note this is my dream phone but it too large to fit in pocket

  13. mnbn1000 dice:

    First, I didn’t like it but now I like it soooooo much!! And its not that expensive.

  14. Zaluzazero dice:

    Is this andriod?

  15. Jenny41297 dice:

    Yeah? I want a Sony Ericsson phone and I thought that the Vivaz is a great phone.. now I’m looking for a Neo on the Sony Ericsson page, I don’t know how much it costs.. :S (sorry, I can’t write english so well, I’m german.)

  16. TheMRJGREATJ dice:

    I bought Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and it is awesome!

  17. Jenny41297 dice:

    This is exactly the question I ask myself too. ;D

  18. TheMRJGREATJ dice:

    Sony Ericsson u5i vs u8i pro … who is better…

  19. paopaowellwell dice:

    yes you can change it anytime at you wish there are many short cut and application option for you to choose or change at you wish ..
    cause i have brough one unit my own i love this phone is HD video recording and also GPS satellite build in to this small device the battery life spend is consider very good and excellence … but only one thing are worse is the music player none equalizer control to play music world very worse made by sony ericsson company

  20. DiazWann dice:

    This is only RM 660 in Malaysia. I’ll buy this phone! :)

  21. maneeangel01 dice:

    is this phone user friendly ??

  22. Automan1701 dice:

    They didn’t put a facebook link on it because sucker “zucker” really want to keep it web based and yes i know about the apps! go figure!

  23. BloodLinePictures dice:

    Slow slow slow expenzive mobile wtf? sux product

  24. TheJhonNoel dice:

    Fue un genial telefono. tiene una buena cámara de video.

  25. STELIOSRETH dice:

    URGENT please help!!!!! How to change the flex cable for Sony Ericsson Zylo (W20i)?

  26. STELIOSRETH dice:

    URGENT please help!!!!! How to change the flex cable for Sony Ericsson Zylo (W20i)?

  27. nixau84 dice:

    aunque deverian haberle puesto editor de fotos y no un foto fix mmm por otra parte deverian haberle agregado unos audifonos de alta calidad y no esa basura de
    HPM-66 mejor unos HPM-88 con eso seria geniaL pero que se le va hacer ya estan en el mercado por defecto con esos horribles audios per oel sonido en un pc o con unos mini parlantes de sony suenan cool

  28. nixau84 dice:

    em prefiero usarlo como modem y entro a internet lolS :) prefiero unos hpm88 😛

  29. Rudunnx dice:

    @Riste1986 smart? This is so… Basic

  30. 113jambo dice:

    za facebook sa plati

  31. GamingDouche dice:

    this isnt russian idiot

  32. 2800uberman dice:

    Man mhy does the russian ppl get all the good things -.-

  33. pajabobika dice:

    Wi-Fi, GPS, 3,5mm Jack a koupím ho třeba i o tisícovku dráž, dost to tomuhle telefonu v dnešní době chybí, bohužel.

  34. monikaNG15 dice:


  35. Thesohail217 dice:

    the sound in the phone is awsome and u can hear it clearly , but u dont gt a memory card wth the phone but for a guy , who wants songs , videos , etc – than i would say the phone is for u , but you still need to buy a memory card but overall nt bad ,iv gt the phone and its easy 2 use , quick and looks gd.

  36. Mohit Jain dice:

    how is the sound quality of Sony Ericsson Zylo??? can we hear clear sound???????? is the sound quality or audio is loud or not? does one way communication can be hear properly??????????

  37. kaselaz dice:

    Jo beru ze fast-port by uz mohli zahodit a dat do walkmanu 3,5 jack,ale berme v potaz, ze zylo a spiro jsou mobily nizsi cenove kategorie, takze co cekat. Tyto telefony jsou odpovedi na levne rady X od nokie. Aspon ma 2,6” a 2,2” display.

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