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Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

Escrito Por Android on julio 18th, 2012 Sony® Ericsson Live with Walkman Android-OS phone in our video overview. See it compared to the Xperia™ active, Xperia™ ray and Xperia™ mini
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sony Ericsson “Live with Walkman” (wt19i) Android-OS handset: abstracto look around. Pledge to viewers: Hi guys! Just a quick message to say that if you think my work is worth doing so, would you maybe make a small contribution riel PayPal? I am unemployed, literally totally skint (£2 to my name!) and if you would like to see future hacks and projects etc, posted at more frequent intervals, I know I would be extremely grateful for anything you send… even if it’s only 25p! :-) Here is my donation link, thanks, God be with you!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman”

  1. Niee Interesuj się dice:

    My phone Sony ericsson live with walkman ;D The Best

  2. devilsharma10 dice:

    Hey, i am quite confused between this live with walkman and xperia mini pro.
    Can anyone tell me which phones is better in gaming, net surfing and camera. I am not fond of music too much but i am thinking yo take it because of it’s bigger screen in comparison with xperia mini pro.
    Also i want to know about it’s display quality as this phone lacks bravia engine and has an average ppi. So please tell me about the display quality of this phone and HELP me in choosing better phone among these two

  3. anasBGH dice:

    Oh, okay, now I get you. Because when someone asks about flash player they usually mean as in simple web videos. 😀

  4. iCrazyCow dice:

    And the person whom asked the question, may have been asking if this device supports adobe flash player for things outside of apps such as YouTube, which this device does.

  5. iCrazyCow dice:

    I guess I’m kind of right- but kind of wrong, but a lot of phone’s don’t support adobe flash player, meaning they cannot run flash games or view flash content in their web browser. Examples that I know of are the Samsung galaxy ace and the LG Optimus swift (both of which I’ve previously owned). Yes they can play YouTube videos, but things like the BBC iPlayer (which runs on flash), are not supported on such devices.

  6. anasBGH dice:

    As far as I know, all phones carrying the Android OS support flash.. Can you please give me a phone that doesn’t? (Just for the sake of knowing =D)

  7. iCrazyCow dice:

    Not all android phones…

  8. anasBGH dice:

    It says end of March or early April.

  9. anasBGH dice:

    Yes, all Android phones support flash.

  10. getitalbert007 dice:

    it supports flash

  11. TheTechRust dice:

    does this cell supports flash player
    plz let me know i want to buy this

  12. themanfromZagreb dice:

     Android Ice Cream Sandwich ? 4.1 ?
    wheen???? 😀

  13. senseinedo dice:

    Hey i want to buy one… why does it sucks ?

  14. MisterLolify dice:

    This phone is getting Android Ice Cream Sandwich!! But why can I only find it at in the UK??

  15. chatnick3 dice:

    Buy this….it is WAY better and cheaper

  16. oggy112 dice:

    Can’t really decide between HTC Wildfire S and SE LWW.. I like the better hardware in the LWW but i prefer the wildfire s design and htc sense.. how to decide?

  17. GameplayJenny dice:


  18. harrow177 dice:

    I’m getting one hopefully soon. To replace the Sony Ericsson Cedar.

  19. martynaQu123 dice:


  20. 1IiIHunteRIiI dice:

    sony walman sucks i got one

  21. esj561 dice:

    sony xperia s got a 1.5ghz dual core 😛

  22. GameWalkman dice:

    Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman ( WT19i )
    Лучшая группа Вконтакте
    Уберите три звездочки в ссылке 

  23. GameWalkman dice:

    Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman ( WT19i )
    Лучшая группа Вконтакте
    Уберите три звездочки в ссылке 

  24. chamath1985 dice:

    When I went to the shop to buy this gorgeous it was the first time I was gonna buy a touch screen phone. The phone was brilliant for it’s price but the limitation was that since it had only a small screen for keypad I bought a Neo because it had a bit bigger screen with a higher resolution but the sound quality was same as this.

  25. unlokia dice:

    Maybe you should visit the Three shop and judge for yourself. This is an overview, not an in-depth review. I don’t have the time for this, so I suggest you would be wise to investigate deeper whilst physically holding the phone – the only REAL way to know for sure! :-)


  26. devilsharma10 dice:

    Hey can you tell me, is this phone good for playing games, surfing internet ?
    Does it pixelate ?
    Also does the lack of bravia engine and average ppi makes it’s display unclear ?
    Please tell me about it’s display as i am quite confused between this phone and Xperia Mini Pro.

  27. shekhar291093 dice:

    does the message option support voice input

  28. unlokia dice:

    Why, thank you so much. You are kind. :-)

  29. Kaylech dice:

    Thank you much in this video I found everything what I needed to know about this phone and also you have very nice voice.

  30. pic95freak dice:

    Does the keyboard work well?is it practical and easy to use?there’s also the alfanumeric keyboard?

  31. foulaped dice:

    can u help me how to make a video call??? thankss!!

  32. Domagoj Košćuk dice:

    How to create a folder on sony ericcson live? just bought it but cannot find it..

  33. Charan Gurupura dice:

    I am a lover of photos. I love photography. Please suggest me whether its Camera is good or Bad. Waiting for your reply. Or call me to this number :+919845106750.
    Thank you..

  34. janek3812 dice:


  35. siddharthnair96 dice:

    Thanks Very much for ur reply i am seriously goin to buy this phone

  36. TheDarkraptor123 dice:


  37. unlokia dice:

    I only had the white model, but personally I think it’s beautiful. Go to a shop and judge for yourself eh :-)

  38. TheDarkraptor123 dice:

    which is looks better black or white

  39. XxROSEdyingxX dice:

    I can’t wait for the ICS update on my live! 😉

  40. Aoun9543 dice:

    Thanks! Sir it’s off topic but I think you are a right man to answer my question. After a lot of research on internet, I choose HTC Desire S. My main and only concerns are battery life, my 2g sim signal strength; call quality, casual gaming for my beloved son and obviously social and internet. Me and my son love touch screens. (Is it right choice?)
    Sorry for poor English as my mother language is not English

  41. unlokia dice:

    I’d have to say this is one of the best Android phones I have ever owned (now sold). It was fast, responsive, slick, stylish and LOUD. Camera is AA+++!!

  42. siddharthnair96 dice:

    Is the phone worth buying

  43. maxnanabas09 dice:

    yea and i love it hahaha

  44. needforspeed9895 dice:

    HAHAHA i guess i was late. How’s that phone? is it good?

  45. maxnanabas09 dice:

    well i decided to get the xperia ray 😀 

  46. needforspeed9895 dice:

    It depends. They’re kinda the same, but the live has a slightly bigger screen. The mini is 3″ and this one is 3.2″ now, if you want physical keyboard i recomment the xperia mini pro (the mini and mini pro have movile Bravia engine that gives it more image quality)

  47. needforspeed9895 dice:

    I want this phone sooo much!! but i like the black one better. The fact that its processor is armv7 makes it compatible with tons of apps!! i really want it :3

  48. needforspeed9895 dice:

    this is a cheap phone to all the stuff it has. Samsung products are all bad qualitty except for the galaxy s line. The touch screen is multitouch and i’ve heard that its very good. This phone is awesome and i’m looking foward to buy it soon 😉

  49. unlokia dice:

    Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say! :-)

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