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Samsung Infuse 4G Review

Escrito Por Android on septiembre 2nd, 2012

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25 Responses to “Samsung Infuse 4G Review”

  1. rakshansharma dice:

    This speed is faster than my PC. LOL

  2. rakshansharma dice:

    I live in India too but I got one from ebay for 12,000. RS

  3. jainish007 dice:

    you might as well get the galaxy s3

  4. rakshansharma dice:

    There’s an app.

  5. RIIXER dice:

    hahaha in that time they thinked it was a giant phone,b*tch please look at the galaxy note hahaha

  6. Steve Haynes dice:

    Root it and Flash CM9

  7. DubWubBassdrop dice:

    Steve Jobs at the iPhone announcement conference: “We got rid of the buttons, and just put in a GIANT 3 inch screen.”
    *4 years later*
    Jon4Lakers: “First and foremost is it’s GIANT 4.5, not 4.3, inch screen.”

  8. stickfigureproductin dice:

    this phone was nice at first but now its really slow and buggy…….

  9. amandeepsaran1995 dice:

    Love this phone.
    Waiting for the India launch.

  10. Sonowske21 dice:

    noutrvxs  pocoyo

  11. Sonowske21 dice:

    yuo hyuoplhyredsacb

  12. jainish007 dice:

    @ 1:16 “it got FM radio” how do you use it

  13. 2580Altair dice:

    No no no i hate this phone it has sooo many glitchs i have the phone at first it was cool but thn it got so annoying whn it keeps app crashing

  14. TheRThump dice:

    You’re kidding, right?

  15. ObeyMyRoyalty dice:

    Okay, thanks.

  16. TheTrieutran dice:

    Hold the power button and press the Home button.

  17. ObeyMyRoyalty dice:

    How do you take screen-shots on this phone?

  18. firered1080 dice:

    does this phone have a microphone?

  19. jacalhoun30 dice:

    No it does not.

  20. opsymon12 dice:

    yes 4G is fast. I live in mississippi. and i was able to pul 10.72 mbps down.

  21. Gotitmadekidd dice:

    I love my infuse, its the best phone i have had besides my iphone 4

  22. ttwarrior1 dice:

    thanks , its getting a cellphone plan from att that is more hard on me then anything ,40 bucks for phone plan, then needing a data plan, thats 80 bucks right there,

  23. Intrdmnsion dice:

    If you’re low on cash, go with the Samsung Infuse. It’s dated by now, of course, but if you don’t plan on doing anything heavy (i.e. playing games like Shadowgun), you won’t need the extra raw power of the newer Skyrocket.

    Or, get the Nokia Lumia 900. It’s an excellent phone, along with being affordable too. The Infuse and Skyrocket have the better camera over the Lumia 900, however.

  24. nccrochet dice:

    no it doesn’t, anything on wifi does not count towards your smartphones internet plan

  25. 22sungho dice:

    does using datas under wifi still count against the data plan?

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