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Samsung Galaxy™ S III (S3) Hands-On Review [Software]

Escrito Por Android on julio 3rd, 2012

You remember that Galaxy™ S II? A phone so good they launched it, well, a whole load of times. But after seeing phablet cousins and LTE variants, the true handset sequel is finally here. The Galaxy™ S III is moments away from being outed in front of journalists and Sammy’s business partners in London, but in advance of the big reveal we were given a few hours to acquaint ourselves with the new star away from the crush of the show floor. And what did we make of it? In short, Samsung’s tried to bring its Galaxy™ S series in line with (and in some ways, further ahead of) what its team-up with Google® accomplished. It’s added some new quad-core Exynos processing juice, a 4.8-inch, HD Super AMOLED screen and a handful of Galaxy™ S III-only features in an earnest bid to maintain its place at the top of the Android-OS pile. Samsung’s pitch to us focused heavily 0n the software. Pure Android-OS enthusiasts may wince at the sight of TouchWiz (overlaid 0n top of Android-OS 4.0.4) and from the brief time we played with the device, Ice Cream Sandwich looks a lot like how it arrived 0n our updated Galaxy™ S 2 — it’s not close to a stock Android-OS experience. Instead of messing with its UI, Samsung® has concentrated 0n specific apps — and plenty of new gesture functionality.

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25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy™ S III (S3) Hands-On Review [Software]”

  1. alfredsparkle dice:

    Voice Answer Free: ‘Siri’ like app now available for free. The free package includes voice recognition and spoken results, voice driven messaging and emailing, translation to almost any language, voice driven playing of music and video, voice status updates of facebook and twitter, and lots more. ‘Eve’ will answer any question, but is limited in her responses (for a more ‘brainy’ Eve, check the full version of Voice Answer)

  2. eriomero dice:

    no you got it all wrong the s3 is more like Samson’s refrigerators..

  3. minooppa dice:

    Are you korean..?

  4. DowneyEIRE dice:

    Are you serious?….

  5. midolimitless dice:

    should i buy Samsung Galaxy s3 or HTC one X ??

  6. psxworld101 dice:


  7. alejandro aguilera dice:

    s3 wow

  8. CrazyVidBlog dice:

    Is samsung s3 a phone or like an ipod touch kind of thing? And if it is not, what is a samsung, android kind of thing like an ipod touch?

  9. TheBoomstick25 dice:

    is this XiCellshop. com rlly reliable? was it quad core and workable?

  10. Sarkis017 dice:

    Hi, Can Someone please tell me if the stock messaging app of this phone is like the others (Galaxy note, Galaxy S2) i mean, if you write a long SMS it will automatically convert your SMS to MMS and you have no option to turn this off,or disable this horrible feature! its very important for me to know this!

  11. inventingtacoguy dice:

    notice how he says 3s

  12. mmik2712 dice:

    Looks like a good device overall with the exception of build quality. It still looks cheap. Also, I don’t see how the average guy is going to carry it around. It’s too large to fit in a pocket. They keep making bigger screens but they’re not supposed to be tablets.

  13. keltonskye0 dice:

    All I want for Christmas…

  14. electricwonderbars1 dice:

    Would it be considered girly or gay to have a white S3? (I’m a guy)

  15. dylanmassey5230 dice:


  16. a48297284 dice:

    opens s voice to ask s voice to open camera

  17. Boy0nFire dice:

    What about the battery? how long does it last?

  18. iW3RK dice:

    love his accent

  19. jaybird2284 dice:

    “That’s a hand.”

  20. OnlygIobal dice:

    Every Knee Will Bow, Every Eye Will See, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — – JESUS CHRIST REIGNS —

  21. zoozy15love dice:

    your cute gigles

  22. zazida dice:

    Taiwan = Foxconn = suicide worker = a small salary = htc = poor surroundings = subcontractor

  23. iken2punk dice:

    @Thatguidude which rom?

  24. ShopByChoice dice:

    For More Features, Review, Specifications and Price Details Log-on to ShopByChoice(dot)com

  25. iTheStevenQ dice:

    Getting this phone trading in my galaxy s2

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