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Samsung Galaxy™ S 2 Epic 4G Touch Review

Escrito Por Android on agosto 5th, 2012

A video review of the Samsung® Galaxy™ S 2 Epic 4G Touch 0n Sprint. Check out our full review at: The Epic 4G Galaxy™ S 2 phone has a 4.52″ Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen, a super fast 1.2GHz Samsung® Exynos CPU, an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixl front camera, 16GB internal storage and a microSD card slot. The phone can shoot 1080p HD video and has Sprint 4G WiMAX onboard.

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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49 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy™ S 2 Epic 4G Touch Review”

  1. HerBeautifulMess dice:

    I keep hearing this phone is comming to Boost Mobile sometime soon and I’ve heard a lot of good sources and it just makes me believe that this is really comming to Boost. I already have the HTC Evo Design 4G from Boost Mobile and its got a Super LCD panel at 960×540 pixels. So I just can’t wait to see what they do and this phone is a great phone too.

  2. Spyder17090 dice:

    This phone kicks ass about a year old and has faster quadrant scores than other phones battery life is great lasts all day juice defender helps also

  3. licea246 dice:

    Does the screen break if you drop it?

  4. deanna618 dice:

    i know this is going to sound horrible, lisa, but watching your videos annoy me because of how you hold the phone… i still watch them though! hahaha 😛

  5. amaudrick55 dice:

    Its a grat phone e

  6. James Grenard dice:

    trading my iPhone 4S tonight for this..hope its worth it

  7. DefiantAtheist dice:

    Found one for 225 new on Craigslist getting it Friday!

  8. daisygirl50 dice:

    i’m getting mine next week in white is it worth it? It looks like it is but the 3 looks so much BETTER !

  9. Fat Matt xD dice:

    should i get this or keep my droid x 2?

  10. sasuke1112233 dice:

    Got It 2 Days Ago. And Yea Its Fkn Insane how good this phone is.

  11. MakeupByDrea101 dice:

    Just bought mine and im sooooo excited, gonna be the best phone , better than the iphone 😀

  12. Joseph Eziri Jr. dice:

    @MobileTechReview, can you download Temple Run on the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch ?

  13. BrofessorNeeko dice:

    I got this phone 4 days ago and I must say, so far, it’s amazing. I’ve already downloaded a fuckton of apps, pics, videos, etc, and it hasn’t slowed down yet. The screen is amazing GET THIS SHIT NIGGAZ

  14. jordanfraser55 dice:

    Galaxy note

  15. jordanfraser55 dice:

    When does it come to vm

  16. sasuke1112233 dice:

    Gonna Getting Mines Tomorrow. 😀 Cantt Waitt.

  17. cushe83 dice:

    does it play flash

  18. 32BIGSMOKE dice:

    anotherr question lisa how much do you pay per month for this phone ???

  19. 32BIGSMOKE dice:

    anotherr question lisa how much do you pay per month for this phone ???

  20. tiburonrojo1975 dice:

    Watching this on my Epic touch 4g, I love it!!

  21. matt99881 dice:

    Well you have me sold, looks like a great phone! I give you props for playing Nova, shooting games are pretty challenging on a mobile phone 😛 The camera looks amazing as well, but I have one question. How is the battery? I’m coming from an Evo 4G (the first one, 1st 4G phone) and I know smart phones are battery hogs, but I can’t go 6 hours without charging – I feel like I bought a laptop. Any input?

  22. spidermonkey425 dice:

    hey what do you think is better this or galaxy note ?

  23. yoshimorikasike11 dice:

    Yo3y yesssssssssss its too worth itttttt

  24. J03Y1231 dice:

    I want this phone alot but i hear ot the GS3 and wanted to wait considering my contract doesnt end until 2013 but i hate the ugly design of the GS3 and HTC bores me at this point so.. is this phone still worth getting ?

  25. phantomphreak241 dice:

    rofl that boot animation is horrible… lol and thats the ics update the launcher with the lockscreen

  26. jacobWC15 dice:

    Great review! do a evolution 3d vs evo lte video!

  27. starwarsdigest102 dice:

    great review thanks

  28. dallasrulz120 dice:

    Great video man

  29. pitbull64 dice:

    Great video from JD.

  30. salx101 dice:

    Yo josh, when are you gonna make a video on why you prefer goo manager than rom manager

  31. Kinshiro dice:

    Noticed you got data call error 104 a few times. I’ve been getting that for the past two days or so, wonder why.

  32. dodgergarcia32 dice:

    yes definitely would like to see that phone fight

  33. robdagreat88 dice:

    and wats your Xbox gametag

  34. wwjoshdew dice:

    i’ll have another tomorrow! Thanks a lot. I’m gonna go pass out now…

  35. robdagreat88 dice:

    good video come them coming man

  36. wwjoshdew dice:

    because people always ask me to! lol

  37. lucky13jay dice:

    Can u make a how to update the evo to ics s-off

  38. AppleFaNbOy90 dice:

    Josh why do you always get HTC Phones?

  39. zfrank714 dice:

    @wwjoshdew use apps2zip backup ur favorite apps with it and it makes a flashable zip

  40. oscargonzalez357 dice:

    EVO vs. Evo

  41. JoBeInc dice:

    ugh if i had the money I would buy it now haha, soon tho very soon! Oh btw I featured you on my channel :)

  42. wwjoshdew dice:

    LTE is NOT to be messed with! lol it’s crazy fast.

  43. JoBeInc dice:

    sweet, I am still using MikVirgin, I might have to check out the 4g LTE, cause the wimax in my area sucks, but once sprint gets LTE here i prob will jump to the new phone

  44. wwjoshdew dice:

    much better. the TWO advantages is the evo 3d has a removable battery (extended battery FTW!), WiMax is in MANY more areas, and it has a pretty stable build of CM9 with just a few things they need to work out. Okay, so I named 3. lol

  45. JoBeInc dice:

    Josh what are you tryin to say bro that the 4g lte is better than the 3d? aww man! lol

  46. FlamingAiro dice:

    Whoop whoop lol

  47. ElPinanator dice:

    Yes do the comparison! Thanks

  48. wwjoshdew dice:

    lets just say… that’s highly requested! and what does josh do when people request a video? :)

  49. Rosario Claudio III dice:

    Can you do a review on Viper4g 1.0.0

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