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Review: Boost Mobile Motorola® Xprt

Escrito Por Android on julio 1st, 2012

This is my review of the Motorola® Xprt 0n Boost Mobile. Powered by a 1GHz processor, this Blackberry style device gives you plenty of performance, without breaking the prepaid budget. Its hi-res 3.1″ display is big enough to do many tasks, and run Google® Navigation without too many issues. This is a great, and much better alternative to the Samsung® Replenish. It does not have a front facing camera, and it is not 4G, but if you want a great phone 0n a budget price, this is a great phone.
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22 Responses to “Review: Boost Mobile Motorola® Xprt”

  1. imsowrxy dice:

    A good launcher helps, and an automatic app killer helps as well. I appreciate the great comments everyone!

  2. imsowrxy dice:

    Apparently we have run into some issues with the mobile hotspot feature for Boost Mobile. I have contacted the customer service representative, and she said she has documented it, and are going to see if they can come out with a fix. The actual Sprint version, which runs android 2.2, has that feature on it. They think when they flashed the phones to boost, there was an embedded code missing that they will fix.

  3. imsowrxy dice:

    I am going to work on editing in a spot where I can get some good camera shots and maybe put some music on it. At the time, I literally shot the video about 10 minutes after receiving this phone. Thanks for the comment, and I will work on that :-)

  4. Sagay56 dice:

    The only knock on this phone is that the Motoblur starts to lag a little. This is taken care of by running a different launcher. Great phone. I use the Xprt more than i use my Warp.

  5. Daman Bahner dice:

    I’ve had one for about two weeks and I love it….got it for $70 from the local Boost Store. They tried to not give me the $20 discount in store which they said they would, so apologize with a 30% discount instead. I am so glad I got the Motorola vs. the ZTE, the build quality of this phone is high quality, including the Gorilla Glass, nice feature on an inexpensive phone. I’ve got a Hi-Speed 16 GB SD in it, favorite feature so far is seamless Google Voice, runs like a 2 line phone.

  6. jesnbea06 dice:

    I got the boost mobile one does that make a difference for the mobile hotsspot

  7. kingzack7777777 dice:

    can you do a review on the camera and sound please?

  8. imsowrxy dice:

    Thanks a bunch man! I knew there was people out there who would like this phone.

  9. imsowrxy dice:

    According to Sprint, the phone should have an app that says 3G mobile hotspot, if you touch that, then you should be able to check it, and turn it on. Most apps on the market for the hotspot feature are for rooted phones. If you do not have the stock one, which should show as the first app on the phone, I would take it to your local sprint store and have them check it out. All of the phones should have that feature.

  10. imsowrxy dice:

    Moto Xprt by far.

  11. jesnbea06 dice:

    I looked for it on my phone but it doesn’t have the option for hotspot n I downloaded an app n it didn’t show options for it either

  12. 1079osvaldo dice:

    which phone is better to buy the motorola xprt or the samsung replenish?

  13. imsowrxy dice:

    There is an app on the phone for mobile hotspot, or you can go through the settings menue to activate the hotspot. You do have to pay for that use, which is an extra $10/mo. This phone does fall under the full Unlimited data, unlike the HTC Evo Design which only gives you 2.5GB of full speed data, and then they throttle you down to 3G speeds…. supposedly. lol

  14. jesnbea06 dice:

    How do activate or find the hotspot

  15. tsega60 dice:


  16. layelladoll dice:

    Thanks for the info,can’t wait to get mine.

  17. imsowrxy dice:

    It’s WAY better. The Replenish is laggy, and running too many apps can overload the processor. The Xprt is a lot quicker and is capable of running more apps at one time. It is not dual core, but it runs very smooth and quick. My g/f has the replenish, and when I played with both of them, it is a huge difference.

  18. imsowrxy dice:

    Its pretty good. Probably a little bit louder than your ZTE Warp, and about the same as the HTC or the LG Marquee. The screen will be smaller than the Warp, but I think the system runs smoother. I HIGHLY recommend getting a high speed memory card. It does come with a standard 2GB micro SD card, but I would get a bigger card that’s at least Class 6.

  19. layelladoll dice:

    By the way, how is the speaker volume is it pretty loud.

  20. layelladoll dice:

    Thanks for the video. I plan on getting this phone to replace my zte warp which is a piece of junk.

  21. Imagicianator dice:

    This Phone Seems Like An Upgrade Or Update Of The Samsung Replenish , iAm Planning On Getting The Samsung Replenish , Should iGet The Replenish Or The Xprt ? Is The Xprt Better Than The Replenish ?

  22. SirAndrewski dice:

    Does it have launch control?

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