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Pantech Matrix

Escrito Por Android on junio 28th, 2012

Here is a look at a new dual-slider from Pantech, the Matrix
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Pantech Matrix”

  1. whitestwidow dice:

    such a sad phone.

  2. 123jamac dice:

    I still have this phone since when it came out… the screen is indistuctable but that is the only thing that is good. THIS PHONE SUCKS MAJOR DICK.

  3. cristianthegr8 dice:


  4. austins78 dice:

    im thining of getting this phone do you still recomend after months

  5. AliceCullennj1920 dice:

    I got this phone as my first phone.I got over 2 years before I just dropped it in water today while fishing; the phone still works.I have recently purchased the pantech laser and I’m using the matrix in the mean time.I have slightly large fingers and I find everything about this phone great.I can reach all of the buttons and find nothing wrong with the size.The only bad thing is because of the dual-slide feature the vibration is very loud and hevey so it vibrated out of my pocket while fishing.

  6. lBloodlRaynel dice:

    ive had this phone forever. im using the samsung impression but that broke on me yesterday and i found my matrix. i broke the vertical slide so now itshard to slide up but it still works perfect i like it

  7. KG12Productions dice:

    i heve the matrex and it is the origanle 1 not by att u should send me a reviw on it

  8. uptash dice:

    hahaha 3:27 “and stuff!” more like shit!!!

  9. TrentonJoynson dice:

    I have this phone and its seriously the worst phone I’ve gotten in my life. It randomly restarts when you least expect it, the battery only lasts a day, if you text a lot then it will shut off on you in the middle of the message. The 90’s Nokia phone is better than this. Seriously. I am REALLY warning you not to EVER get this phone. As a matter of fact I think that they stopped selling it since it had so many problems.

  10. TwiSagaInfo dice:

    I have this phone right now and I LOVE it!!! It’s great for Texting and soo much fun(: the only thing I don’t like about it is when I charge it over night, in the morning It’s like really dark and I have to restart it for the light to come back:/ but I luvvv it anyways!!:D

  11. imawoopurass dice:

    this phone is terrible i repeat TERIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hated it when i had it now i have the pursuit and its green i love it!!!! uhh but this phone well first of all the vibration scared the shiz out of me!!!!!!!!!!!! secong the keyboard is so tiny and third when u send to many messages it turns off on u and it takes forever to turn on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. DarkFilmDirector dice:

    I didn’t really like the button interface at the bottom. I hated that you couldn’t use shortened mp3s to set as ringtones. The vibrate on this damn thing is so loud and powerful it will wake me up in the dead of night. The web browsing was terrible on this. I didn’t use half the applications on it cause they didn’t really do much. There were many times when I just wanted to take this phone and throw it against a wall.

    Had this thing for year and a half and glad to be upgrading to a LG Quantum

  13. emilyalessandra1 dice:

    ive had this phone for 2 years now. i only used it for one year though and “lost” the charger at a friends. never got a new one and just used my old razr. (which i like better) but the only thing i liked about the phone was the qwerty keyboard, it might seem tight at the top and hard to text with but its not at all. and another thing, the vibrating on this is LOUD, its louder than if i had the volume on.

  14. MadsGabs dice:

    hate this phone….i have it and it freezs all the time.

  15. APExKAKA dice:

    “It’s good to uhh…feel” XD

  16. boondocks823 dice:

    dey wont fix it. And my contract and up and i aint gonna spend 200$ on a new phone ima just use my razor

  17. looney609tunez dice:

    How do you add music to it? Because ive had this phone for like to months and i dont have any music on it help please!!

  18. soccerlvr427 dice:

    get a new phone? or you could go to the at&t store and ask how they can fix it for you

  19. ithelpstobecool dice:

    have had this phone for like year and a half pretty good really loud vibrate easy to text on but its slow with some things good starter phone but not a great phone if your using the data plan and are going to use its features a ton

  20. boondocks823 dice:

    Please help. My qwerty board broke. When i slide up the standard number pad it lights up and works. But when i slide up the qwerty part the screen doesnt sense it and it wont let me text with it and the keyboard itself doesnt light up. Anybody know how to fix it?

  21. Gelevine dice:

    to die on me after I went swimming with it and it went unerwater twice after that. internet was alway spopping up, and it vibrates VERY loud, not the greatest thing to be texting on during class! lol

  22. Gelevine dice:

    I had this phone for a year, it’s really slow for a lot of things, like…everything. when turning on the music player, it takes two minutes, and once you press the button, you have to wait the whole two minutes till the music screen goes away. That’s for the first time you use it after turning on the phone. Messages take forever to delete also, and uploading pictures takes a really long time too. The only thing I really did like about this phone is that it was easy to text on, and it refused

  23. abesha171 dice:

    i had this phone until my ubgrade is ready it was ok for texting bt the audio was horrible and it always randomly went on the internet. If i was you i would upgrade. i upgraded to the blackberry bold 9700 best phone ever

  24. blaketastic100 dice:

    ive had mine for 11 months it delete’s the outbox messages before it sends or if i click create message it allways says busy!! waiting!!

  25. HollieSalvatore dice:

    this phone is a suckfest, it randomly stops music and you can’t plug it in to the computer for music, i despise it and am getting a new one

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