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Pantech Breeze III – Available at AT&T

Escrito Por Android on julio 22nd, 2012

Pantech expands its successful Breeze series with Breeze III, a flip phone with a bright screen, streamlined and easy-to-use menus, and large keys. Program the 1-2-3 quick call keys to get in touch pronto! Find out more info at
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Here is a video tour of the Pantech C630 for AT&T.

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26 Responses to “Pantech Breeze III – Available at AT&T”

  1. gallagher123123 dice:

    I am very interested in the read out mode. Could you pleas make a video demoing this mode?

  2. Gamaliel87 dice:

    I’ve had this phone for three years and I LOVE it. It’s starting to wear out – I’m looking for another Pantech because of my good experience with this one.

  3. TravisTheCrownless dice:

    me to

  4. uptash dice:


  5. ssiso8 dice:

    huh? that’s ridiculous ..

  6. fluffydavy dice:

    Nipply button … xD haha thats hilarious

  7. ShelbyandAlyssa13 dice:

    pffft hahahahahaha he did!

  8. Mzapplebottem08 dice:

    i got this phone

  9. lilgrimesgirl dice:

    did you just call it a “nippley button”??

  10. lesus244 dice:

    i love this phone

  11. mwarfel95 dice:

    nippley haha

  12. chocomello1 dice:

    how much do u pay each month?

  13. zomglawwlz dice:


  14. AVBALLA01 dice:

    last time i checked i am typing not speaking

  15. Uncemister2 dice:

    its nipply, therefore I want it, cause he said nipply lol

  16. 6G3rm4N9 dice:

    Whoo-Hoo Bewbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. 6G3rm4N9 dice:

    should…..should we call someone?

  18. jakeb321321 dice:


  19. hollandc27 dice:

    it reminds me of the old Sony ericsson K series
    its bloody awful phone to be manufacturing in this day and age

  20. iceicebabytoocold dice:

    nipple jog dial thing!!! kewl!!!

  21. csaboy27 dice:

    LMAO! nipply button! LMAO!

  22. dipsetking4 dice:

    phonedog > _______

  23. TheKillerTapeworms dice:


  24. soccerboikyle dice:


  25. lxnthnyvilla dice:

    Nipply Button

  26. mrLolenzis dice:

    looks awful “cheap” : /

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