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Nokia Lumia™ 710 – Camera Review

Escrito Por Android on agosto 11th, 2012

Check out our detailed review of the camera 0n the Lumia™ 710 versus the HTC® Radar, and see which wins!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

VIEW PART TWO: It’s time for another dogfight! Aaron pits a great Android-OS smartphone(teléfono inteligente) against a great Windows® Phone to see which one is the must-have handset. The HTC® One S is available now at T-Mobile for 9.99 and packs a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a front-facing camera, 1650 mAh battery, HSPA+ 42 Mbps, and Android-OS 4.0 with HTC® Sense 4. The Nokia® Lumia™ 900 is one of AT&T’s flagship Windows® Phones and sports a 1.4 GHz single-core processor, 4.3-inch AMOLED display with Nokia’s ClearBlack tech, 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD recording, a front-facing camera, 1830 mAh battery, 4G LTE, and Windows® Phone 7.5. Better yet, it’s only .99. Which one offers the best all-around package? Part 1 of 2. Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Vote For Your Favorite Smartphone: Win Free Phones:

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50 Responses to “Nokia Lumia™ 710 – Camera Review”

  1. WMPowerUser dice:

    Hahah nice. I miss the baby grand piano at my parents house… having all those octaves is nice :/

  2. 1234n00b dice:

    lool i have the same keyboard 😀 it has firegun sounds too xD

  3. WMPowerUser dice:

    You would have to use a third-party app to rotate pictures.

    The only photo editing options natively built into WP7 is “auto-fix”, which adjusts the brightness and contrast and can make pics generally look better.

  4. bitesizebratt dice:

    Can you rotate the pictures after you take them?

  5. Fastersonic dice:

    What kind of setting can we do about the number of MP ? Is there a setting to take 16/9 pictures ?

  6. irenetheawesomegirl dice:

    if this is an android then im a robot you blurry asshole this is a windows phone

  7. WMPowerUser dice:

    Hmm, let me think. I’d say the speaker is almost as loud as the iPhone. However, when turned to max volume, the Lumia 710 doesn’t distort like the iPhone does.

  8. Ezra OfCebu dice: loud speaker? is. It as loud as the iphone? 😀

  9. JohnsonBoba dice:

    I love your channel! Thanks for the review on the Lumia. I just got mine on Friday, and it’s pretty dang good!

  10. CarlosNicolas90 dice:


  11. justaflickerinflight dice:

    Lumia phones have Touch to focus function.

  12. Quatrei45 dice:

    oh :(… well thanks anyway 😀 great vid

  13. WMPowerUser dice:

    Sorry I don’t have the Omnia W. I’m a T-Mobile guy…

  14. WMPowerUser dice:

    Is something covering your camera lens? If not I would go to the store and exchange it :/

  15. VideoFletcher dice:

    Why does my camera suck everything is a blur ? Am I missing something

  16. Quatrei45 dice:

    Great Review! Wish you included outdoors video also.

  17. Quatrei45 dice:

    can you compare omnia w side by side pics also? thanks

  18. alexsmith1able dice:

    Nokia Lumia 710 is a good android phone because it looks very trendy. It has many advance features such as:
    • 5.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom.
    • 3.7 inch wide TFT touchscreen display.
    • Abundant storage with 8 gigabyte internal memory.
    • Featured with smart business features and social networking.
    • Enabled Wi-Fi, 3G and bluetooth

    Its price is Rs. 14,999/- and it is also reasonable as compared to its features.

  19. metiarizm dice:

    exelent! Thanks a lot! We by nokia lumia 710! 😉

  20. TheBappul dice:

    nice review. helps a lot

  21. thana090909 dice:

    Does the 610 get front cam?

  22. WMPowerUser dice:

    Correct. Even the Lumia 800 doesn’t have a front facing camera. The Lumia 900 is the only Nokia WIndows Phone with one.

  23. itsmeadin dice:

    no front facing camera?

  24. WMPowerUser dice:

    My Nokia Lumia 800 has the same pink issue in the center of the image… so it’s not just HTC.

  25. basketballfan4eva dice:

    do a dogfight between the One S and the Atrix HD

  26. MassiveMzryo dice:

    why does nobody change the one s background the stock background is sofa king bad

  27. sosa2413 dice:

    You should dog fight
    The htc one s against the droid incredible 4g lte from Verizon that would be a good one I wanna see how my one s goes against it (:

  28. LamborghiniGT615 dice:

    1.5Ghz Quad core Nokia 900 running android ICS 😛

  29. CaesarThaApeGod dice:

    LOL Yeah Android does. My brother got a Shift 4G that shipped with Froyo and he was unable to get Gingerbread (which was released the same year the Shift came out) so try again dude.
    Like 90% of WP8 is hardware related. Unless multicore CPUs, NFC, and HD displays can magically appear in the current WP7 phones it doesn’t matter. Besides the main thing WP users want from WP8 is the new customizable homescreen anyway and we are getting that with the WP7.8 update.

  30. XDKX101 dice:

    Whats so ironic about it? At least when a new Android update is presented all existing Android devices arent ditched, unlike what happened to Lumia. None of them will be given WP 8, lol sad.

  31. ladawg81 dice:

    no. @1:23 two phones walk into a bar..

  32. brian1rr dice:

    Sydney should of done this Dogfight

  33. CaesarThaApeGod dice:

    Actually the irony is that a Android fan is laughing at someone else about FRAGMENTATION.

  34. XDKX101 dice:

    Actually WP is shitty compared with Android. ICS doesnt not lag and is far more powerful than WP 7x and you nokia fanboys have all been denied WP8. Hahahahaha the irony.

  35. XDKX101 dice:

    Such an original comment from someone claiming to be a “smart adult”, fail, hahahahaha

  36. ladawg81 dice:

    Not even kidding, but I like the clicks WP keyboard makes. Keyboard clicks really make a difference and WP clicks remind me of old school computer rubber keys.

  37. cagerhead222 dice:

    galaxy s 3 and lumia 900

  38. sokerzlilmvp5 dice:

    htc one s vs blaze 4g ?

  39. SuperRJ2012 dice:

    Hey man I’m android …. hey man I’m windows phone … lol this guy …. he never gets old.

  40. TheBrothaHoodofRok dice:

    hooters.. lol!

  41. nhelven dice:

    Why match the two if talk for just one product for 2 minutes and 3 sec for the other

  42. 7861Hassaan dice:

    $199 thats like !50 pounds isnt it i got mine for 375 pounds

  43. sarge8504 dice:

    ha ha thats funny i love the galaxy note.

  44. daniel cooper dice:

    android for kids who like to stay on their phone nokia for adults who needs a smart phone.

  45. Lukas Treigys dice:

    Your just… angry fanboy, who just can’t stand, that these type of phones are better than your LOVING android shitty laggy phones, gg man…

  46. blckjade05 dice:

    hmm that is odd my galaxy note did not get the memo to freeze or reboot. i must go remind it.

  47. lamboole12 dice:

    phone dag dat kam

  48. ttjamzt dice:

    The lumia 800 looks much better but it has WP7

  49. trolmanhaha dice:

    1:23 Actual review start

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