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Nokia Asha 311: fun, fast and always connected

Escrito Por Android on julio 1st, 2012

Explore with a swipe with the Nokia® Asha 311 Featuring a scratch-resistant 3-inch capacitive touch-screen and 1GHz processor to power your apps and games. Our cloud-accelerated Nokia® Browser makes surfing the internet up to 3x faster and up to 85% cheaper than other phones. An exclusive gift of 40 free games from EA will keep you entertained and there are many more apps and games to download from Nokia® Store. With social networks and Nokia® Maps preloaded and ready straight out of the box, you’ll quickly be connected with your friends.
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25 Responses to “Nokia Asha 311: fun, fast and always connected”

  1. uberjamzie dice:

    and abandoning symbian… i hope they didn’t abandon it! i hope that they made it as their primary OS for low end phones! it would make a lot of sense! not these new s40 touch! even though they look good but still no power against android! if they could just listen…

  2. uberjamzie dice:

    im still disappointed about what they did to meego! im not really that impress to these nokia asha touch… why because document viewing and maybe pdf reader is still not available! if only nokia could make a meego lite for their feature phones! because the power of the linux is really amazing!

  3. uberjamzie dice:

    they should release it already! 

  4. uberjamzie dice:

    i really lol why are they making angry birds a big deal!!

  5. mynewbf1 dice:

    you’re right 😀 ahahahahaaha

  6. matjuhh96vh dice:

    That is what they tried to achieve, with success(:

  7. botsok3skelion dice:

    LOL! Nokia how would you consider adding ANGRY BIRDS as one of your primary features?
    about the phone I got TWO WORDS! “ITS BULKY!”

  8. wapaaay1921 dice:

    going to buy this while waiting for a nokia WP8 because i sold my laggy android phone!

  9. kurniawaaaaaan dice:

    can play more game HD??

  10. charmbush dice:

    pls reply…………………

  11. charmbush dice:

    how much is this in philippines?

  12. Nkha6506 dice:

    What is this song?!?! PLZ RESPOND

  13. purrability dice:

    actually it looks like a completely different OS: Meltemi which should be used for other cheap deivces. But Elop, as a microsoft spy, didn’t want to have it because it would make to big competition for windows phone. So he canceled it. Vuala! Thank you Elop for ruining this company! And Please Nokia get rid of him! He destroys everything we loved about Nokia!

  14. 0551960196 dice:

    i love the beat

  15. naisvic dice:

    yea man they should ours like that

  16. llFuckYeall dice:

    It will cost 92 euros(115 $).I wanna buy this baby!

  17. kotsios94m dice:


  18. kotsios94m dice:

    Evie Johanides?

  19. SynTHESIZZZZZER dice:

    Is this a one off song? Or something Skrillex? What’s the title of this? :(

    BTW, nice phone colours. And the free games. m/

  20. Cr asem dice:

    When will Asha 311 be available in Middle east ?

  21. spandanparker dice:

    the front look like the Sony xperia U axcept for the curved edges and the rear look xactly like nokia 2690….but its a great phone…i m saning up every dime i can get for this baby…

  22. georgehuth dice:

    what is the price?

  23. america9004 dice:

    The music is amazing :)

  24. ali60412 dice:

    Waooo what a phone!

  25. ehas423 dice:

    they already updated the s40 browser. You can download it in their nokia (formerly known as ovi) store, or you can use opera mini which covers mostly Nokia’s stock browser’s shortcomings.

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