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Nokia Asha 302: Premium All Round QWERTY

Escrito Por Android on agosto 14th, 2012

Nokia Asha 302 is a QWERTY phone with great value for money. It is packed with a 1 Ghz processor and is great for social networking, Email, Instant messaging, supports Mail for Exchange and has a premium design with stunning looks.
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25 Responses to “Nokia Asha 302: Premium All Round QWERTY”

  1. TheJennesTV dice:

    Motorola MotoGO!

  2. alvster98 dice:

    Any phone similar to this phone?? With qwerty 3g and wifi??

  3. baitzchannel dice:

    The music is simply beautiful…

  4. Julien Ghaddar dice:

    It’s a shame it’s so hard to find a good non-touchscreen phone nowadays… We just want something that gets the job done without fancy, so please Nokia keep making phones like that ! Just what we need (3G+, WiFi, Full keyboard…)

  5. Xantis2006 dice:

    insane retard.

  6. hakimail10 dice:

    what is the title of the song?

  7. swankyboy88 dice:

    guys stop make stupid touch screen phones !!! don’t compete with stupid i-phone .. we need something useful .. fasion can kiss my butt !!!

  8. Pwn3dByPhysics dice:

    What’s the name of the song in the background?

  9. hakimail10 dice:


  10. FIQPURSUIT dice:


  11. Kiston1205 dice:

    Trust me , i do bought one a week ago and the music quality was just perfect.

  12. AmericanIdiotAvinash dice:

    wanna buy the phone..can someone tell me how the music quality is ? please ?

  13. Ana Maria dice:

    Wtf. I don’t understand what do you expect from a 100E telephone?! It’s perfect for its price. Why do you have expectations similar to phones that use Android OS, that are more “capable” of managing with applications?

  14. Ana Maria dice:

    Yes you can. I just bought it yesterday. It’s great:D.

  15. Wokenification dice:

    i like nokia’s qwerty phone, plus the 1Ghz is no let down!

  16. annmileyann dice:

    Can I watch Youtube videos by Nokia Asha 302 ? I’m going to buy this mobile on Wednesday,so please answer me quickly :* PLEASEE!

  17. MovieholicTuber dice:


  18. Asim999ful dice:

    i want it and ive bought 😀 im happier than ever sold that iphone shit

  19. Asim999ful dice:

    check the ovi stores nokia is the most amazing and old company in the mobile market idk where that iphone comes from

  20. Hannah Reinhold dice:

    whatsapp is already installed on the nookia asha 302 (:

  21. Emilyreeds dice:

    No it’s fucking not! you can’t simply download apps for free,or even download songs for free this instance.

  22. meraed818 dice:

    thanx :)

  23. ehas423 dice:

    i think I would go for the e5. It’s more premium and the camera is better than the 302…

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