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Motorola RAZR (XT910) Android-OS Smartphone Hands On (Software & Hardware)

Escrito Por Android on agosto 19th, 2012

A hands 0n video with the Motorola® RAZR (XT910) Android-OS Smartphone that has a whole host of features and measures just 7.1mm in thickness. For more information

Motorola DROID 3 Unboxing by Aaron Aaron unboxes the Motorola® DROID 3, the newest member of the célebre DROID family. Available now for 9.99 with a two-year agreement, features include a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 4-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, front-facing camera, and Android-OS 2.3.4 with Motorola’s applications platform. It’s the second dual-core device to land 0n Verizon after the Motorola® DROID X2. The DROID 3 is a feature-rich device, but can it take the genuino DROID form factor back to the top? Facebook: Twitter: Forums: Win Free Phones:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Motorola RAZR (XT910) Android-OS Smartphone Hands On (Software & Hardware)”


    Lo quieroooooooo 😉

  2. CloveTechnology dice:

    Should be able to plug headphones in.

  3. AGUSTIN7964 dice:

    How i play radio fm in my motorola rzer xt910?

    please you help me

  4. Rhonaldist dice:

    Vaya lag :-)

  5. FantasticF0x dice:

    Brand New Motorola RAZR XT910 16GB - (Unlocked) Smartphone FOR SALE – WARRANTY London

  6. yellowmusicfreak dice:

    No replaceable battery? Wtf?

  7. CloveTechnology dice:

    You can dictate to it through google voice

  8. Nogboger dice:

    this phone have a voice command?

  9. Nogboger dice:

    this phone, have a voice commands?

  10. Theris1337 dice:

    so is it fucking good or what?
    seems like it lags a bit

  11. anand kamath dice:

    Dude you dont review a phone with tons of apps in the background. It is causing so much of lag man. Its hard to come to a conclusion this way.

  12. CloveTechnology dice:

    Any phone will at some point get scratched, but it is no more likely to get scratched than any other device. Depends how you treat it.

  13. revowild dice:

    one more question does the phone get scratched along the sides of the phone with haveing no case on it

  14. CloveTechnology dice:

    No not really

  15. diretdisco dice:

    pinch zoom not smooth. am i right?

  16. revowild dice:

    if you dont have a case on it does it get scratched up easily from just everyday use?

  17. CloveTechnology dice:

    No, it is a fixed internal battery

  18. RE4Ex2 dice:

    can i remove the battery? -

  19. aaol1 dice:

    oh ok, thx

  20. CloveTechnology dice:

    Thats because of a poor swipe on the screen by us.

  21. aaol1 dice:

    is it just me or is the phone lagging while your saying no lag? at like 4:12 or sometin

  22. MrSealblaighter dice:

    What do you mean exactly?

  23. mwk323 dice:

    Razr Maxx??

  24. MrSealblaighter dice:

    This is a good question. Both are great phones. This one is bigger than the S2. The Razr is a newer phone. I think this is better, because of it’s battery. Battery is very important. Who wants a phone which have to be charged every day? I can’t wait to see great smart phones with 3000 mAh of battery.

  25. csruinedmylyf dice:

    Today i had hands on of this phone … Its truely awesomeee … Itss soo slim and looks sexy also elegent … Nxt to this there was samsung galaxy note … I would select moto any day

  26. lopitz1004 dice:

    good phone just dont try to get it replaced the replacement devices rarely work well

  27. AirsoftSM dice:

    this or droid incredible 2?

  28. Gettinlaid1 dice:

    i got my droid 3 for 25 dollars

  29. factuallemons1 dice:

    no cuz its cdma only not gsm like at&t and t mobile so no

  30. bravopakistani01 dice:

    wtf its unbox?its already open,…. hate it

  31. tyk7733 dice:

    I hate this isn’t getting ics

  32. 11herisson dice:


  33. MrMiNeCrAfThelper578 dice:

    i droped it fail !!!! 3:10

  34. mrburns81ify dice:

    Droid 4!!!!!

  35. gameboy1984 dice:

    i want to know the same thing lol :)

  36. ribarq1995 dice:

    i was searching for ipad 3 unboxing?!?!

  37. mwk323 dice:

    This was before the razr came out.

  38. NailandCraftFreak13 dice:

    he says this one is thin, look at the razr! ;D

  39. BigGuy1073 dice:

    does it also have a touch screen keyboard?

  40. stone hambel dice:

    wow you talk very fast

  41. casiey258 dice:

    I seen on eBay that these can be unlocked. but will they work with AT&T sim cards, and on AT&T network?

  42. QuirkyKermit dice:

    unboxing starts at 2:50 …………your welcome

  43. austins830 dice:

    For the global roaming capabilities i think.

  44. waggishboy dice:

    Portuguese people can try to win phones too? Or you dont send to Portugal?

  45. Msphilamar dice:

    i found one the other day and im goin to put it on simple mobile hehehehe !!! no scratches or anything the person didnt even lock it so cool . bestchristmas birthday gift ever !!!

  46. moochodawgskillz dice:

    Does this phone have the little pull bar for notifications?

  47. victor034 dice:

    does anybody know where to get that black-white wooden striped wallpaper, i had it preloaded on my droid3 but whenever i updated to 2.3.5 i lost it somehow.. tks

  48. Kfcmj14 dice:

    I wish he would just unbox it !

  49. Mike Telesko dice:

    Can someone tell me if this any competition for the motorola atrix 4g on at&t,im getting that for xmas in 2 days and i hear its really good, the only thing that seems better with the droid 3 is the camera (8mp instead of 5mp on atrix 4g) thanks :)

  50. Jordan Luers dice:

    my opinion… bionic… i have one though so it might be a little biased… really depends on if you prefer the slide out keyboard and no 4g or 4g….

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