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Escrito Por Android on julio 25th, 2012

UPDATE: To get the latest information 0n MotoCast, please visit the support page. RAZR is back: smarter, faster, thinner, sexier than ever. Ultra-thin form, stunning design and mind-blowing power. For more information, visit: A re-imagining of an icon for the smartphone(teléfono inteligente) era, the Motorola® RAZR™ features a powerful dual-core 1.2GHz processor, an impossibly thin 7.1mm design, Super Amoled 4.3″ display and remote access to your computer riel MotoCast™. RAZR is even made with KEVLAR® fibre, Corning® Gorilla® Glass and splash guard, because a smartphone(teléfono inteligente) this arresting, deserves protection. Give into desire. For more information, visit:

The smartphone(teléfono inteligente) that can survive the pool party, the dance floor, and the beach. MOTOROLA DEFY™ is LifeProof. For more information, visit The Motorola® DEFY™ TV Ad, directed by award winning Carl Erik Rinsch, tells the story of how important the resilience of a mobile phone is 0n a fun night out. Thanks to Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the Motorola® DEFY is the first Android™ smartphone(teléfono inteligente) that’s water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof. So it can survive the pool party, the dance floor, and the beach – ultimately, it’s LifeProof. Phone panic over. For more information, visit PS. The track is called “Romantic Rights” by the band “Death From Above 1979″ remixed by Erol Alkan’s Love From

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49 Responses to “MOTOROLA RAZR™ TV Ad”

  1. ostron666 dice:

    this kind of ad very very traditional, poor and doesn’t make us interesting to buy razr, u gotta be CREATIVE.
    RAZR deserves more than this bullshit


  2. selsark47 dice:

    It’s one of the best phones in the world.

  3. muziqtouch dice:

    lovely smile…………..

  4. edward64572 dice:

    (this only works if you are an Iphone, ipad, ipod, or an android user). Go to App store and download the app called “app trailers” when you download it put in this bonus code “vmay05″ you should get points for it. Guys this is real. you can make real money from this app. I’m making around 50 everyday. Download this app and you Will thank me.

  5. TheSeveral dice:

    Nice Spot, nice phone…. but where is my ICS?!?!

  6. agollaglee dice:

    but it isn’t a flip like the old RAZR :( I miss the ond KRAZR that was a phone and a half

  7. Freefalldreams dice:

    Do they really thing people are going to fall for this?
    I guess so, since they bothered to try it…

  8. leo973232 dice:

    I think she is going to kill him and take the phone…

  9. metalliko96 dice:

    10000 times better than an iPhone. The best smarphone in all the world!

  10. sherzodflstudio dice:


  11. catacomb1984 dice:

    bloody hell who’s the bird?

  12. corpsemunger dice:

    Adverts are ridiculous –
    “you have an expensive phone – TAKE ME NOW!!!”
    Maybe if I buy an expensive phone attractive girls will start snogging me wherever I go… yehhh,…

  13. permana911 dice:

    Horny girl

  14. TheOrigamiTom dice:

    The first elavator proof phone

  15. Grizvolt dice:

    Пихал и пихал в дверь, лифт не останавливается (((

  16. nanakeyks dice:

    RAZR, The best phone for spreading your love like a fever?

  17. AidanWoodsMusic dice:

    If I buy this and it breaks in the elevator, can I sue them for false advertising? :P

  18. MFR2007 dice:

    I will buy it just to block the elevator.

  19. harpyielove dice:

    : super werbung, man muss nur den richtigen im aufzug treffen ;-)))

  20. hejcoze dice:

    So, basically, buy this or any deodorant, and you’ll render women helpless.
    Seems legit.

  21. 3tangle3 dice:

    women like men owning shit…….we as a species are funny 😉

  22. Juan Awad dice:

    In the old days, you needed a car or lots of money to get the girl. Now just get the Motorola Razr and play a video and… voila!

  23. motorola dice:

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club…Spread Your Love.

  24. junkfranznatic dice:

    Name of the Song?

  25. GangstaDogg21 dice:

    It’s good shit! I’ll buy it!

  26. 88MArten88 dice:

    try to buy some defy or defy+ or defy mini on amazon, maybe u will change your mind.
    I buyed defy+, it should be delivered today, hah they having delay. Hope I see defy+ in my hands tommorow.

  27. rockmetalpunked dice:

    Price to high for me :(

  28. Luís Felipe dice:

    I love my Defy!!!!

  29. rollskool dice:

    what is the name of music? someone could help me. thanks

  30. Rejin Pradeep-Kumar dice:

    flash  ahhh yeah

  31. SuperLyrx dice:

    My phone!!!!! love it!! waiting for Motorola Defy 2, Dual Core 1.5, 1gb ram, super amoled, hdmi, anddd a great gpu!

  32. mrBubastik dice:

    Motorola Defy – Great phone!

  33. LeopardSurd dice:

    Hello Moto!
    I’d like to know if my Defy+ will receive an update for more Central and East European languages like Hungarian, Romanian and so on.
    Mine is for CEE region with the last version update (OTA 2.3.6) but there is no support for those languages. Also my RAZR has the same issue. I don’t need an ICS update for my Defy+, just an update patch for those language support.
    Please consider this request.

    P.S.I’ve seen that Motorola Motoluxe already has that language support.

  34. MrAmirzaman dice:

    i wana buy this but it,s not avaiable in pakistan :(

  35. ferdek165 dice:

    jaki tytuł tej muzyki ???? panowie

  36. TheBadasscinema dice:

    You know what would be great? If it wouldn’t sink. If it would just swim on the water, the water-resistance ability would be way more efficient and make the Defy+ the top choice among outdoor cellphones!

  37. geronimodk dice:

    I just ordered a Defy+! I hope it will live up to my expectations and I think it will!
    Btw what is the name of the song used in this video?

  38. kbrphani1 dice:

    Superb mobile, using it now and experienced good feel good and portable.

  39. dice86argh dice:

    but will it blend?

  40. alzain16 dice:

    umm we drop our phones sometimes, everyone does that so the Defy+ not being shock proof makes it NOT life proof….just saying….otherwise pretty good specs

  41. rodstwain dice:

    I love my Defy+ (from Brazil)

  42. motorola dice:

    No. It will withstand or be resistant to the odd bump etc, but isn’t “shock proof”. Thanks.

  43. VagrantSoul14 dice:

    is this shock proof?

  44. pablokey87 dice:

    great music! :D

  45. motorola dice:

    no, but there are apps that can do this for the phone.

  46. nf1204 dice:

    Has it torch-light ?

  47. jatinroox dice:

    ok, i’m from india n if i buy this phone from my home town(new delhi) it will still have the zinio and the soundhound app right?!?

  48. motorola dice:

    Check compatibility with game developers. thanks.

  49. jatinroox dice:

    and what about HD games?? (asphault 6,assasin creed HD)

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