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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks – Opening Sequence

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  2. Gukuthegreat dice:

    Liu Kang was selected by the White Lotus Society to take part in the Mortal Kombat Tournament and wanted to defeat Shang Tsung so as to return control of the tournament to the Shaolin Order. Liu Kang trained with the master, Bo’ Rai Cho, where he learned the Flying Kick technique

  3. Gukuthegreat dice:

    As a born fighter, Kenshi wandered Earthrealm in search of worthy competition. He would find an opponent and defeat them just to boost his pride. One day Kenshi encountered a man named Song, who convinced Kenshi that a great warrior needed a great sword; Song then led Kenshi to the location of an ancient, powerful sword Song claimed would befit Kenshi’s power.

  4. Gukuthegreat dice:

    When Earthrealm was young, Raiden was its protector. He fought the rogue Elder God Shinnok, who wished to overthrow his fellow gods, in a war that threatened to destroy Earthrealm itself.

  5. Gukuthegreat dice:

    Shang Tsung’s allegiance to Shao Kahn granted him the status of a free roaming sorcerer. 

  6. Gukuthegreat dice:

    Kung Lao is possibly (next to Liu Kang) the last known descendant of the Great Kung Lao, a former Champion of Mortal Kombat, who lost the title and his life to Goro 500 years previously, resulting in the start of Shang Tsung’s rule over the tournament.

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  9. Bru9sky1214 dice:

    wtf shang tsung transforms into scorpion and trow the spear at liu kang chest 5 seconds later : no hurts

  10. elmogangster69 dice:

    :47 That sound he makes.

  11. submadara dice:

    best mk ever

  12. reissyboy64 dice:

    young Shang tsung lusted for power and knowledge so khan taught him powerful dark arts and in return shang was to claim earthrealm for him by winning 10 straight MK tournaments, a plan devised by the elder gods to stop khan from simply claiming the realm by force but after 9 straight victories Shang lost to Kung lao’s great ancestor
    losing his claim to earthrealm so he cursed tsung so in order to keep himself alive shang must devour souls often in order to retain his power and life

  13. reissyboy64 dice:

    SUB ZERO ALL FUCKING DAY!! scorpion can sit his angry hasbin ass down 2:01

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  17. Gukuthegreat dice:

    Liu Kang follows the teachings of the Shaolin White Lotus Society and was sent by the Temple of Light to defeat Shang Tsung. He desired to defeat Shang Tsung and bring the tournament back to its Shaolin owners.

  18. Gukuthegreat dice:

    Years ago, the rogue swordsman Kenshi wandered Japan to challenge the greatest warriors. His purpose in life was simply to be the best. Shang Tsung, however, had discovered Kenshi’s true heritage as a descendant of a long forgotten line of warrior kings.

  19. Gukuthegreat dice:

    The thunder god of the Mortal Kombat universe, also known as Lord Raiden, is a protector of Earthrealm. Raiden commands many supernatural abilities such as the ability to teleport, control over lightning, and flight. Raiden is the eternal God of Thunder

  20. Gukuthegreat dice:

    Shang Tsung’s past remains shrouded in mystery, with his exact origins never specified and unclear at best. According to some sources, he was originally a human from Earthrealm.

  21. Gukuthegreat dice:

    Kung Lao is a former Shaolin monk and a member of the former White Lotus Society. He stands in the shadow of his great ancestor, the Great Kung Lao, but unlike his great ancestor he has no desire to be champion and would rather live a life of peace.

  22. Gukuthegreat dice:

    I have this video on my favorites. I never played it

  23. TheOneWhoWroteThis0 dice:

    But Shaolin still wasn’t bad at all.

  24. StarFoxAutobot dice:

    That was just epic! 😀

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