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Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Generations (Part 50) – That’s Just Rude! w/ Commentary

Escrito Por Android on agosto 21st, 2012

Twitter: Blog: Intro Created By: In this video I show you that H2o Wireless works 0n the new iPhone® 4s without unlocking it or jailbreaking it. H2o is only 60 bucks a month and it includes unlimited calling, texting, and data. It does have 3G speeds as well.
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50 Responses to “Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Generations (Part 50) – That’s Just Rude! w/ Commentary”

  1. Terra7856 dice:

    What episode did Steven. Turn real?

  2. MSlittlemama19 dice:

    Ohh, both Hunter and Stephen turned out cute

  3. lululizzy23410 dice:

    I am not really a big fan of body hair but hunter that hair with that body hair that is soooo cute

  4. dancinggirl101211333 dice:

    i L.O.V.E LOVE Hunter!

  5. dancinggirl101211333 dice:


  6. LiveLifeFreeify dice:

    i hate body hair T^T

  7. TaylorSwift10155 dice:

    16:25 Someone just said “Oww stupid dunk”
    Maybe it is Hunter or Stephen

  8. Gamered100 dice:

    HUNTERS HAIR omg…. I love that hair so much…. Im in love…. omg….

  9. Gamered100 dice:

    You love= Body Hair, flirty guys, and any thing cute, saying cute, and of course sims X)

  10. Gamered100 dice:

    5 freaking dislikes? How is that possible!  Like really… How?

  11. Lola Pike dice:

    No, No we don’t like body hair

  12. pecanavenger dice:

    old people need their canes to fend off muggers

  13. zahara517 dice:

    change the top 

  14. lolipop2097 dice:

    Stephen is fine

  15. someone4542 dice:

    I hate when My Sims get a raise and I’m like “Oh! He got a raise!” then I read it and find out it’s only a $1 raise.

  16. dogwarstheoldcola dice:

    The Natural Cook trait, When you’re at a high level

  17. BRBineed2LOL dice:

    21:30 Quxxn: and What was the first thing I noticed??? Both of us at the same time: Bodyhair!!! :p

  18. Antonio Gallardo dice:

    body hair…;D

  19. GirlonCraze dice:

    It comes from the trait ‘natural cook’ and when you cook something with the trait you may use it on the food

  20. 123Tonna dice:

    Which EP does the ‘Kick it up a notch’ action come from?

  21. 123goigoi dice:

    i would so date stephen (HOT)……….:D

  22. neonunicorns3 dice:

    Stephen is cute :b

  23. Sims3Player90210 dice:

    Max= flirty
    Chase= flirty
    Hunter= flirty
    Stephen= flirty
    (I think Quxxn likes flirty men)

  24. Elyssa Molinos dice:

    stephen so fine….. ;D

  25. SugarLuv37 dice:

    When she was pickin traits i was screaming NEAT cuz her house is so dirty 😛

  26. Crris1031 dice:

    really cool man, but you lost your old iPhone and still have the sim card? haha

  27. msdonyelle dice:

    I have an iPhone and h2o sucks they lie on the website about how many gigabytes they give u they suspended my account because they said I talked on my phone too much which was a lie but if u talk on your phone alot h20 is not for u I back with simple mobile

  28. saimbari101 dice:

    So u telling me u brought the iphone 4s with the 2 year contract with atnt so then u broght the h2o sim/plan and never going to pay the bill for atnt but only for h2o?????


  29. MarioBeatsOgraphy dice:

    so is it worth it? i have a 4s should i go to h2o or just flash it to metro? its an att 4s

  30. AK3BW5 dice:

    Did you buy your iPhone 4s directly from at&t? And you have to download the apn app for data ?only asking because i am buying a refurbished iPhone 4 for 370 and would love to get the 4s if cheaper possible but w/o contracts it’s 600 which is way out of my budget. As well as switching to h2o.

  31. alf8er1 dice:

    Hey Man i have problem i already have the APN installed and everything is good and i pay $50 per month and my APN doesn’t work and i also the 3G appears on my iPhone screen but i get net in public can anyone please help me!!!?

  32. MegaDubstep7 dice:

    which is page plus apn?

  33. billy strong dice:

    But the quality of straight talk doesn’t compare with H20 sorry dont be fool with the unlimited service between these two network.

  34. JRESHOW dice:

    @AzKillerBeast2012 yea Siri worked most of the time when I had h20. There was a few times when it was unresponsive, but it could have been h20 or apple…

  35. AzkillerBeast2012 dice:

    Will siri work withe the h2o just asking I have h2o on my iPhone 4 an it works fine I get good bars all the time

  36. truerudeboy1 dice:

    Months and I had my iPhone for like 5 and I always kept dialing 911 to get in dude ur a fuckin life saver thank u

  37. truerudeboy1 dice:

    Omfg I had one of these sims in my draw for like 4

  38. shawtysexci1977 dice:

    I have an IPhone 3GS and I’m switching to h20 Friday…wish me luck…z

  39. GraphyD dice:

    Thanx for posting this video, my question is. how do you make picture message work, because i see that you only show how to make the internet work but not how to send and received picture messaging..if you know how, please show us..Thanx once again

  40. devin5945 dice:

    omg dude thanks so much help me out . your a life saver , keep up with the great work :)

  41. woodcaleb dice:

    does mms messaging works having h2o??

  42. WordWacker111 dice:

    @JRESHOW Thanks for your help! Now i know what to do :)

  43. WordWacker111 dice:

    @JRESHOW Thanks for your help! Now i know what to do :)

  44. JRESHOW dice:

    @WordWacker111 good question. I had to buy the iphone at full price without contract. You have the option to always buy one without a contract for a lot more money. I use to buy iPhones from people I knew who upgraded or Craigslist and eBay. DO BE CAREFUL to make sure they are in good working order. If I have the money I will always buy one from eBay and the iphone will have to be new in box. I would suggest EBay because you will have buyer protection. If you know what to look for or trust the

  45. WordWacker111 dice:

    When You Bought The Iphone for At&t, didnt you have to get a contract with it? If You Didn’t, How Did You Do It?

  46. JuanLokz1 dice:

    Ok thanks for the help man. Hey one more question. By any chance do you know why I can’t use my iPhone 4s with simple mobile even though I got the gevey ultra s?

  47. JRESHOW dice:

    @JuanLokz1 it will work. No need to jailbreak or unlock :) just put in the h20 sim and good 2 go. Check out my straight talk vid tho. 15 bucks cheaper and unlimited data. H20 has gone down to 1GB of data. I’d go straight talk. Cheaper. No jailbreak or unlock either.

  48. JuanLokz1 dice:

    Hey I also have an iPhone 4s 16gb. It’s on 5.1.1 and firmware 2.0.12. I wanna go to H2O now. Will it just automatically work. I wouldn’t have to jailbreak or anything like that right?

  49. DUMBphresh612 dice:

    Will this qork on an iphone 4? Its not kailbrpken currently using a gevey sim for t mobile

  50. JRESHOW dice:

    @Unkwonboys180 you can get a pretty cheap one on eBay. I just use scissors

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