Jurnalfm xti – Doina Karoce

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Jurnalfm xti – Doina Karoce
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“He broke your heart, but now you’ve got mine. And I don’t need a heart if I’ve got you, right?” Just a funky little rearrangement/rewrite I put together… don’t worry, this isn’t my big transition into acoustic-hiphop… or is it? GABEREAL MIXTAPE 2012?! No, no it isn’t. Hoping you enjoy! Peace, love and lol. ———- “Houstatlantavegas (You Used To Love Him) – A Drake Remix Hey there, pretty girl. I know things just haven’t been the same since he left. But girl, I got you… don’t let him haunt you. He’s just another selfish guy with his eye 0n the prize… Fell in love accidentally one night… Baby, let him leave… I know that you used to love him, baby. You should stop debating. You shouldn’t be chasing, you’ll forget him. I know that you you used to love him, baby. You should stop debating. You shouldn’t be chasing, you’ll forget him. Take my hand, girl, I’m strong. You can cry all night long. Let him go. Hey, now… won’t let you down, no. I know you’re very fragile, but who knows just how to handle you with care? Let’s go. We’ll take a drive and we’ll find the water… I know you love it there. Let the sunlight find your hair. Let the sun take you away from here… And I know it’s hard to bear… Take my hand because I know that you… Chorus I knew he was a bad dude, he made me sick like bad food. He’s the poisonous kind. Always looking for a victim for his toxin… he’s got malice 0n the mind. So I’ve been working 0n the antidote… The components being
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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