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Jurnalfm xti – Doina Karoce

Escrito Por Android on diciembre 24th, 2012

Jurnalfm xti – Doina Karoce
Video Rating: 4 / 5

“He broke your heart, but now you’ve got mine. And I don’t need a heart if I’ve got you, right?” Just a funky little rearrangement/rewrite I put together… don’t worry, this isn’t my big transition into acoustic-hiphop… or is it? GABEREAL MIXTAPE 2012?! No, no it isn’t. Hoping you enjoy! Peace, love and lol. ———- “Houstatlantavegas (You Used To Love Him) – A Drake Remix Hey there, pretty girl. I know things just haven’t been the same since he left. But girl, I got you… don’t let him haunt you. He’s just another selfish guy with his eye 0n the prize… Fell in love accidentally one night… Baby, let him leave… I know that you used to love him, baby. You should stop debating. You shouldn’t be chasing, you’ll forget him. I know that you you used to love him, baby. You should stop debating. You shouldn’t be chasing, you’ll forget him. Take my hand, girl, I’m strong. You can cry all night long. Let him go. Hey, now… won’t let you down, no. I know you’re very fragile, but who knows just how to handle you with care? Let’s go. We’ll take a drive and we’ll find the water… I know you love it there. Let the sunlight find your hair. Let the sun take you away from here… And I know it’s hard to bear… Take my hand because I know that you… Chorus I knew he was a bad dude, he made me sick like bad food. He’s the poisonous kind. Always looking for a victim for his toxin… he’s got malice 0n the mind. So I’ve been working 0n the antidote… The components being
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “Jurnalfm xti – Doina Karoce”

  1. 152tornado dice:


  2. 152tornado dice:


  3. petronela manica dice:

    caroci ii la puteri!

  4. MC uragan rappy dice:

    malacina padrushka…xd

  5. Andrei Ivanci dice:

    caroce caroce ruuuuuuupe taare :D:D:D:D

  6. Chris Mars dice:

    oaie :D

  7. VRAGD dice:


  8. MC uragan rappy dice:

    ii bum bum

  9. Marcel Filip dice:

    caro4i e cuvint de legatura… intre curve

  10. Sandu Vitvcarau dice:

    Offf ..KAroce …karoce ..karoce ..karoce ..fsio karoci :D:D !

  11. Kytes93 dice:

    Pun like pentru foto 😀

  12. sandutza sanduletz dice:

    da interesanta doinitza asta:D:D:D:D, da cam prostutza

  13. JeyJey9119 dice:

    de 51 x “karoce” …. dibilizm

  14. Serioja67 dice:

    ase am o veselie …:D:D ase am o dispozitie

  15. McBombonica dice:

    cantujnişi :D:D:D:D bahhh ce coversaţie OMG!!!

  16. levinta002 dice:

    ii pizdetz e..Prosta la pamint!@

  17. KisQaful dice:

    OMG!! 😀 :D 😀

  18. bootabile dice:

    asta’i proasta rau !!!+ mai e si curva !!!

  19. sasadraganenco1 dice:

    karoci si iar karoci:DD

  20. Ungh3n1 dice:

    ii pizdet fa cu tini si cu viatza ta treb sa sii o caldare

  21. Ion Necrutenco dice:

    sHeal mai talkovii padarak pt padrusHka 😀

  22. jon caruta dice:

    hahahaahhaha :D 😀

  23. Maria Chitoroaga dice:

    Traiasca  cuvintu ”Karoce” . Hahahaaaha….OMG!!

  24. pashka mihailin dice:

     asta ii o proasta mare:d

  25. georgeE455 dice:

    da proasta….doamne si fete stricate in ziua de azi…

  26. Sam K dice:

    ear effin gasm.

  27. chibichichio dice:

    The guitar came in and I facepalmed. Your voice came in and I literally violently hit the pause button. TOO GOOD WHAT IS THIS.

  28. DesiiraeC dice:

    :O your voice is so beautiful:)

  29. ehtschristineee dice:

    i absolutley love this rearrangement! :)

  30. Kiri Chhun dice:

    subbed ! so good

  31. Sal Estrada dice:

    Dayuum dude..u should be on Amex idol..

  32. ninatomaschannel dice:

    :((( I FEEL THIS SONG <3 I love you Gabe Bondoc!

  33. Laura Weyenberg dice:

    oh my gosh this is my favorite song by drake, this songs sounds like an original, it’s soooooo good!!!! amazing job! just subscribed :)check out my channel if you can, btw love this cover. :)

  34. MrLaser2 dice:

    dude, this is 100x better than the original!

  35. Freddy Do dice:

    he’s engaged recently haha

  36. Justin Vallejo dice:


  37. Leah Aringo dice:

    really? really? He has made HEAPS of songs. And FYI, it’s his choice whether if he wants to make youtube videos or millions. I don’t understand your nonsense. Money wouldn’t mean much to him for the music he makes. He does this for his fam. Which is us.

  38. Freddy Do dice:

    Why isn’t he on Billboard

  39. KriiishaMusic dice:

    You are sooooo talented! AMAZING3

  40. stayclassy28 dice:

    marry me?

  41. CuriousCraig2 dice:

    I think I just turned gay.

  42. Liyaquizzle dice:

    You talented son of a bitch! That was an amazing remix

  43. MrZaizai25 dice:

    Guitar tabs?

  44. Combobreaka dice:

    Damn…U Just Stole My Girl…

  45. sashacarter26 dice:

    You have the most amazing voice I have ever heard…I had no idea you would sound like that:)

  46. KayAaMm dice:

    i love this sooo much !

  47. sashacarter26 dice:

    You are so amazing I love
    your cover:)

  48. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金欲しい人に差し上げます dice:


  49. somesockies95 dice:

    3:55 I don’t think this is an OTS Gabe.. hahaha.

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