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Jelly bean 4.1.2 for Xperia™ Neo V

Escrito Por Android on febrero 17th, 2013

FRONT CAMERA WORKS 😀 (does not work in any other JB roms) cheers new enlaze : i suggest using pac or lupus kernel
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25 Responses to “Jelly bean 4.1.2 for Xperia™ Neo V”

  1. andresaliba11 dice:

    Hey , how can i download this on my Xperia neo v …HELP PLEASE !! and thx

  2. Jestin James dice:

    nope . u can try ics based roms to get HDMI to work

  3. fastboy979 dice:

    does HDMI work with this update?

  4. omkentang dice:

    good job guys,just smooth.. could u share link of this rom?
    one more,how much space of free RAM available using this?

  5. Jestin James dice:

    heyy guys im trying the super jellybean 2.1 rom now. It is amazingly fast with good battery life.Will be back with another video

  6. Anupam Paul dice:


  7. Anupam Paul dice:

    you should try by reducing your max CPU freq to 1024 GHz..

  8. Pratik Dutta dice:


  9. Pratik Dutta dice:

    Hey i tried this ROM and my phone was over heating and suggestions?

  10. Tonie724 dice:

    hey bro…
    does this work on xperia neo l…

  11. Jestin James dice:

    updates work playstore is fast in this rom.
    yes its fully functional rom

  12. Jestin James dice:

    it works ,u jst need 2 flash modules if needed(only wen present)

  13. jayeshgopalani12 dice:

    dude does playstore works fine in it,like updates,or we have to manually install updates and does it shows model number in playstore option in browser…can we purchase games using this rom..

  14. Bhavik Bardoliwala dice:

    Hi ! Jestin James. I’m Bhavik from Surat. I’m also using xperia neo v which was brought last year. I have rooted my phone. I want to install cyanogenmod 9 or 10 stable version. I dont know whether my bootloader is unlocked or not. Can u help me in this regard also ?

  15. Rahul Ghosh dice:

    is this true that wifi and front camera will not work after this installation?

  16. Devesh Somani dice:

    Can u make a tutorial video about how to install this? Otherwise it is no use watchin this. All we know is that JB works on Neo… Please tell us how to make it work as well. A lot of us will appreciate it.

  17. Jestin James dice:

    @s.sudharshan rajkumar i will update link.

  18. Jestin James dice:

    @Mohammad Tuffaha use ktg kernel for ur phone.wait for a wifi not at all working?

  19. s.sudharshan rajkumar dice:

    @Jestin James if i click that download link it is showing the message “Permission Denied” please help……give me a solution plz……..

  20. Mohammad Tuffaha dice:

    hi thank you very much .. but the wifi is not working what should i do i’d appreciate it if you tell me :)

  21. Jestin James dice:

    @Thaslir u can get all info u need out there .just have time to google with patience.its easy and safe imo

  22. MA SE dice:

    cyanogenmod 10.

  23. Thaslir dice:

    How 2 do this I don’t no 2 do…help me…..

  24. Jestin James dice:

    ill c what i can do about that

  25. marianjerome77 dice:

    U please upload a tutorial video.but I’ll try according to ur instruction thank buddy

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