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IPhone 5 0n Straight Talk (Unlimited call, text, cronología for 45.00)

Escrito Por Android on febrero 22nd, 2013

Check out my other videos: In this video I show an iPhone 5 using Straight Talk from Walmart as the carrier. Straight Talk is a pre-paid service that works with all versions of the iPhone. All you need is a at&t iPhone with a Straight Talk sim. The 3G and 3GS will take a standard size sim. The iPhone 4 and 4s will take a micro sim. You can buy a sim here for the iPhone 3G thru the iPhone 4s: To watch how to get your cronología working (will work with all iPhones): Watch how to cut down your micro sim to a nano sim Check out my channel for other how to’s, reviews, and more here: Picture of micro and full size sim:

Another great episode of Totally Awesome Fishing. Graeme Pullen lands an absolute MONSTER Perch!!! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: for fishing DVD’s and articles.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to “IPhone 5 0n Straight Talk (Unlimited call, text, cronología for 45.00)”

  1. BurkaLifter dice:

    Thanks man, I was just coaching a Yelper through setting up a 5 just making sure, cheers!

  2. JRESHOW dice:

    No mms still :( with the NZ. Gota still do sim trick.

  3. BurkaLifter dice:

    Is unlock it NZ working for data and MMS now?
    when I did my Ipone 4s I used the t-mobile card trick, because everything I found said the unlockit NZ would only enable data and not MMS?

    Good video man,

  4. vstolyarov dice:

    straight talk sells iphone 5 in walmart runs on verizon, straight talk data throttled at 2gb+, straight talk sucks period b.c they lie that they offer unlimited, but is still bestplan if you purchase unlocked verizon, att or apple store iphone 5 for using it with 45/mo st plan

  5. SaraST8 dice:

    Hi Rey, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. We would like to inform you that phones from Verizon Wireless will not work with Straight Talk’s BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program. You may send us an email at if you have further questions. Thank you.

  6. Rey Chairez Jr. dice:

    will a verizon iphone 5 work under straightalk with the sim?

  7. Jairo Estrada dice:

    Hey is it true that the iPhone 5 isn’t unlimited a month and what’s the point of getting a new SIM card or whet ever that is??!!

  8. MrJoshua1098 dice:

    U didn’t have to get it un locked. U could have got it from verizon as low as 199.99 because its CDMA

  9. SaraST8 dice:

    Hi Myke, this is Sara of Straight Talk. The Straight Talk’s Bring Your Own Phone program is not available for phones powered by Verizon. You can still avail on the said program as long as your phone is an AT&T, T-Mobile GSM compatible or an unlocked domestic GSM phone. However, this program will not work with CDMA, Blackberry and branded Straight Talk, SafeLink, TracFone and NET10 phones. If you have further questions, email us at Thank you!

  10. spreadwinner dice:

    I bought mine from this guy

  11. Myke McKesey dice:

    Hey man. I have a Verizon iPhone 5. Will it work? Will I have 4G LTE? Pls advise. Trying to save money on my monthly cell phone bill.

  12. teraynaam dice:

    ST IPHONE 5 does take a nanno sim just want to see if anyone has tried to put att sim to see if it works. Thanks for your reply though

  13. JRESHOW dice:

    It will work if you cut it. I took mine from iPhone 4S and put it in 5 too :)

  14. Nancy S. Macario dice:

    My parents use regular straight talk phones (non-iphone) and you can’t take the sim card and expect it to work on another phone. NOW I have straight talk sim on my iphone 4s can I use the same one with the iphone 5 or do I have repurchase a new one. I want to know before cutting it.

  15. KadiNoShroy dice:

    Its so thin

  16. Miranda Johnson dice:

    So, my boyfriend and I just bought factory unlocked phones straight from Apple…. So then I was reading on Straight Talk, about to order a SIM card and it says “You will need a compatible GSM T-Mobile phone. You may also use an Unlocked GSM phone compatible with T-Mobile.
    This program/offering does not work with Straight Talk, TracFone, NET10, SafeLink, Telcel America, BlackBerry and/or CDMA phones (i.e. Sprint, Metro PCS).”
    What do they mean it doesn’t work with Straight Talk???

  17. Tiffany Bussiere dice:

    Is it a realy good phone ?
    and can you use other mints on it ?

  18. JRESHOW dice:

    To my understanding the straight talk iphone 5 doesn’t take a sim….. So prolly not. At least not with out a huge hassle. I’d just buy a used att iphone or one at least not at retail price.

  19. teraynaam dice:

    If I buy the iphone5 from walmart with straight talk will I be able to use that iphone5 with tmobile or att later? I’m wondering if they are locked to straight talk service.

  20. JRESHOW dice:

    No, att iphone will work on net 10 tho

  21. Dominique Varona dice:

    Do net10 have iphone 5?

  22. HowBoutYouFarmer dice:

    Was wondering would u do my phone make it work its AT&T cut the card down and dipo thmms thing inotherwords make it work like yours 5027501409 give me a caa

  23. KILLASELECTIONS2012 dice:


  24. DbaldetToShuffle dice:

    Totally Awesome Fishing Graeme! Those perch are beautiful! Hope you’ll catch more of this size, well done. I seldom catch crackers like this, but when I do mostly with hardbaits or litle spinners :)
    MfG Darius

  25. Eric Devlin dice:

    What a large Perch! Here in Canada 12 incher is a jumbo.!!

  26. TheBuitenman dice:

    wow, and such enthousiasm!!! lovely fish mate!

  27. Al Green dice:

    I love it. he sounds like a 10 year old with his first catch. That’s what fishing’s about, eternal youth

  28. DrDragon63 dice:

    Awesome perch!!! I wish they grew to that size in my local lake.

  29. hakan durgut dice:


  30. mrkringlan dice:

    Perch can be very line-shy, so a wire leader could scare the big one away

  31. fatih gürtekin dice:

    hacı neyle nesledin bunları

  32. TAFishing dice:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, join our facebook page the link is in the description and help spread the word about us. The T/A Crew.

  33. gazbadge dice:

    Ive watched a couple of your videos now and ive got to tell you, I think your totally awsome! Matt Hayes??? John Wilson??? Who the hell are they! You should be the one on the tele mate. Honestly, I wish you all the best with your fishing and with your You tube hits! Cracking couple of Perch and a cracking guy catching them! TOTALLY AWSOME!!!

  34. thebones dice:

    A day to remember! Congrats I know how you feel though because earlier this year I caught a 3 1/2 lb Perch too. My biggest ever, when I got it to the net I thought it was a small carp and I found myself shouting out – like a kid – ‘it’s a Perch!’ Gorgeous fish on a single maggot on a deserted French pond in March, only bite I had all day. Great vids, keep ’em coming please.

  35. TAFishing dice:

    It may sound strange but I don’t go fishing for really big specimens,I just go fishing and get whatever comes along.Biggest Perch was the one in our Perch fishing on the River Kennet film,though the Europeans seem to get all the big 5lb plussers.Biggest pike was 24 1/4lbs,not big by today’s standards ,but on 5lb line straight through and a lobworm intended for chub on the Hants Avon it made my old rod creak.Zander,I think about 3lbs,Roach,don’t think I’ve had a 2-pounder,about 1-14 ?

  36. Barney Richardson dice:

    hey mate, i was wondering what is your pb perch,pike,zander and roach 😀


  37. jonnybravo989 dice:

    what a great vidio mate, didnt get bored watching 1 bit.. ur a funny mad aswell lol.!

  38. TAFishing dice:

    Not in this river,it flows too fast.On a canal or lake definately.Use a fly with red in it,and fish it deep ,near the margins or reedbeds.

  39. alamao24 dice:

    Don’t you think that it might be possible to catch them on fly rod

  40. KickMayer dice:

    Nice vid there :)

    We got similiar fishing here in Sweden, Personal best on pearch: 2,06kg :)
    Hope you´ll upload more of this kinds of videos, i enjoyed them alot :)

  41. JamesMarsland1 dice:

    great vids! keep it up!!

  42. Rich Swan dice:

    I can feel your buzz!

  43. ryan cahill dice:

    i caught a perch just like that back in dublin

  44. hc898999999999 dice:

    Nice couple of perches. Greeting from Canada.

  45. Steve Baralloni dice:

    Brilliant your enthusiasm. Lovely perch

  46. TAFishing dice:

    Thanks, we appreciate the positive feedback

  47. TAFishing dice:

    Thanks, we appreciate the positive feedback

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