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IPhone 4 0n straight talk – unlimited data, messaging, minutes – voice, 3G internet, mms

Escrito Por Android on agosto 25th, 2012

This is a manual that will walk you through how to set up your iPhone® for straight talk network
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15 Responses to “IPhone 4 0n straight talk – unlimited data, messaging, minutes – voice, 3G internet, mms”

  1. danielhh47 dice:

    Does this allow visual voicemail as well?

  2. SaraST8 dice:

    Hi Msmarfo7, this is Sara of Straight Talk. We apologize for the trouble that you are experiencing with your phone. The 3G connectivity on a device will depend on the phone’s capability as well as on the network. We need to make sure that the APN settings was updated successfully on your phone. If it is still not working, you may send us an email at Thank you.

  3. msmarfo7 dice:

    I changed the apn and it worked for a month now all of sudden my 3G Internet isn’t working. Someone please help

  4. carchis dice:

    Fail, you dont need a unlocked iphone to work with straight talk, I have a ATT locked phone and it works with straight talk, … do you really work for straight talk?

  5. all829 dice:

    great thank’s you are the best budy

  6. MrSonyVegas dice:

    how do you get MMS

  7. franmg1448 dice:

    thank you

  8. kingsaulr1 dice:

    ohh ok then ask him he has lots of vids on jailbreak and he has the latest unlocking and jailbreak vid for ios 5.1.1

  9. Angie Heatherly dice:

    I feel so lost right now , I have a Iphone 4 unlocked from at&t , and Im using it with straight talk, and Ive tried downloading the apn changer on and I’m not sure how to fix the whole mms thing, I’ve called straight talk , And they said i could download the apn changer and it would work fine, but my mms still wont work , I’d rather not jailbreak it , Do you think i need to jailbreak it to get it to work , or is there another possible way to go ….?? please help !

  10. Beckalee13 dice:

    I bought a phone it’s jailbroke do I still have to buy teater me or can I just type in the apn?

  11. kingsaulr1 dice:

    yes wat are you new?

  12. kingsaulr1 dice:

    dude theres a jailbroke for iso 5.1.1 -_-

  13. TXjuggalette1990 dice:

    I have Net10 (Pretty much the same thing as StraightTalk ) And I have a Samsung Infuse 4g and the first month I had it, it was SUPER fast on the Hotspot, but after the first month it got crappy. So come to find out you technically don’t get unlimited data, after I think 2g it toggeles real bad, so for those who really don’t do much internet streaming it’s perfect for you! But for me I think I’m going to put up with it or go to AT&T and just pay the price for FAST internet :) Idk yet

  14. BlackASSASIN01 dice:

    i activated my sim but my iphone just searches and says no service… it only says home for a minute out of the whole day what should i do

  15. loretta hartley dice:

    can you jailbreak iphone 4 verizon?

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