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HTC One S Screen Repair Directions | DirectFix

Escrito Por Android on julio 1st, 2012 presents the HTC® One S screen repair video directions 0n YouTube. These directions for the HTC® One S will help you replace a broken or cracked screen if you have dropped the HTC® One S and cracked the screen or broke other parts in it. Step by step directions 0n replacing the battery, screen and other parts for the HTC® One S phone are included in the repair video. For 7% 0ff your first order 0n our webpage use coupon code YOUTUBE7 at checkout for a limited time only. Like Us 0n FaceBook: Follow us Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5 The HTC® Rezound for Verizon Wireless combines power with art, emphasizing its beautiful 720×1280-pixel display and Beats audio technology together with its 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 32GB out-of-the-box storage space. With Verizon’s 4G LTE network, the Rezound can download content from the Internet as fast as it can process a file or shoot 1080p HD video. In this video, Wirefly’s Bob Kovacs runs the HTC® Rezound through its paces, and demonstrates the phone’s camera and video playback capability. For the best prices 0n phones. visit Like us 0n Facebook at Follow us 0n Twitter at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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41 Responses to “HTC One S Screen Repair Directions | DirectFix”

  1. Marco Arnone dice:

    +1 me too how can I change it (Only the digitizer)

  2. Marco Arnone dice:

    hi i want to change only the digitizer .. how can I do it?

  3. pdaparts dice:

    Screens are available at DirectFix com.

  4. Errik89 dice:

    thanks for the video! I’ve broken the glass of my htc one s, but display is perfect and still working, can I change only the touch digitilizer glass or I have to change the entire display?

  5. 420bLlAZzEiT dice:

    where can i buy a the screen?

  6. pdaparts dice:

    Thanks for the post. Email our customer service dept via our webpage DirectFix com and we can assist you further with this.

  7. TheCellere dice:

    thanks for the video first!! you’ll help me to save a lot of money! I just don’t no if I have to change the whole lcd & touch digitizer screen, or only the digitizer glass….my one s glass is broken, but the touchscreen works perfectly. If it’s just the glass that I’ve to change, is there a video somewhere about changing just the digitizer glass??

  8. pdaparts dice:

    We are working on the One X and I will ask about the One V

  9. mananrocks98 dice:

    please do one for the htc one v i broken its screen and the repair service center is asking me for 150 $ to repair it

  10. cabasse dice:

    does the phone have diversity antennae behind both the top and bottom plastic panels (for cell service) or just at the top? it’s hard to tell looking at the video.

  11. MegaDman42 dice:

    looks like you could replace it with one of these.

  12. EliasYusoufzai dice:

    Had this phone for just two days, dropped it lcd connector was lose, used this video and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1000

  13. AndroideReview dice:

    good vid ! :) suscribed !

  14. Zantetsukennn dice:

    Really interesting video !

  15. George241312 dice:


  16. McMichaelChan123 dice:

    how can i remove the tmobile logo off the glass screen?

  17. VeteranVantage dice:

    I’m interested in getting the HTC resound, however, how strong is the screen on this phone cause I ended up breaking the Gorilla Glass on my Samsung focus, I would be grateful if you could recommend a good screen protector product if this screen is not a strong as the Samsung focus, Thanks!

  18. jammingurlz4321 dice:

    Thank you so mucch!

  19. SuperLuigiJoe dice:

    my google talk keeps saying that it cant authenticate and i cant even get into my talk to fix it.

  20. FriendNotFoeBand dice:

    Yea, because you can only get blue skies in November in Virginia.

  21. Amber Davis dice:

    Is the rezound updated yet to 4.0

  22. Chancho7913 dice:

    I want this phone but i dont know if the battery is good enough :/

  23. Coneyboy420 dice:

    I want those headphones damn! :(

  24. ATOMICGAMER536 dice:

    thanks so much…i just love these videos thanks again

  25. ig243 dice:

    ok thank you!

  26. SuspicouslyCrisp dice:


  27. SuspicouslyCrisp dice:

    It doesnt crack east does it?

  28. SamGVlogs dice:

    Thank you, I ordered my phone through the Verizon Wireless website. Gave them a call about it too and they said that they will ship the sim card to me with the phone. :)

  29. wirefly dice:

    Hi familyguyiskewl, Besides the screen size difference there is also a resolution difference. The rezound has a better resolution of 720×1280 vs. the Incredible’s 540×960. I would say the other big difference is the total weight of the phones. The Rezound is 6.0oz and the Incredible is only 4.66oz. Scott at Wirefly

  30. wirefly dice:

    Hi ig243, Battery life is goo on the Rezound. It is very similar to any Android phone in the fact that if you use it a decent amount during the day it will need to be charged every night. Scott at Wirefly

  31. wirefly dice:

    Hi SamGVlogs, Your sim would have come in the box if you ordered from Wirefly. If you did not receive your sim in the box from Wirefly let me know and I will have one sent out to you. If you did not get your phone from Wirefly you can stop in to a Verizon store and they should give you an LTE sim. Scott at Wirefly

  32. wirefly dice:

    Hi ATOMICGAMER536, The headphones are iBeats ear buds. Scott at Wirefly

  33. wirefly dice:

    Hi jRUHmeel, I doesn’t come out of the box with ICS but it is able to get the software upgrade. Scott at Wirefly

  34. wirefly dice:

    Good question ImNoEmoKid. I would say the Rezound over the Incredible 4G LTE. The Rezound has a bigger display with better resolution and it has a faster processor with more on-board memory. Scott at Wirefly

  35. wirefly dice:

    You wont be disappointed azcardinal11. The Rezound is a great phone! Stop back and let us know what you think. Scott at Wirefly

  36. wirefly dice:

    Hi DarthTron117, If you want a keyboard than Droid 4 but if you are fine without that the Rezound is the winner. Scott at Wirefly

  37. familyguyiskewl dice:

    What’s the difference between this and the Incredible 4g? I know the screen size because the incredible 4g is only 4″.

  38. ig243 dice:

    hows the battery life on this phone? pls response

  39. SamGVlogs dice:

    Me too!!! I’m so excited!!

  40. SamGVlogs dice:

    Where can I find the 4G LTE Sim?

  41. DivineRebornGaming dice:

    I have the rezound and googles the specs for the stratosphere the rezound is a much better phone and i love mine have had it since mind november with no problems and if your daughter likes music she’ll love it even more … Plus the Rezound is getting updated to Android 4.0 this summer and idk if the statosphere is or not but i know the rezound is and its a better phone :) ahaha only bad thing is kinda short battery life but other than that amazing and i love it

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