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HTC Inspire 4G Software Review

Escrito Por Android on septiembre 5th, 2012

The HTC® Inspire 4G, an AT&T phone capable of HSPA+ cronología speeds, runs 0n the newest version of HTC® Sense. That includes a multitude of widgets. Sense also comes through in a wide variety of applications like Mail, Contacts, Photos, and Internet. The Inspire 4G benchmarks very well, scoring around 1700 0n Quadrant, beating out even the Nexus™ S. Website: Facebook Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “HTC Inspire 4G Software Review”

  1. Deathclockcinema dice:

    Lol I got tired of apples iPhone its been the same for atleast 5-6 years andriod here I come XD

  2. MOMOisfuzzy dice:

    the only issue with this phone is the inbox thing with the names not showing anyone no how to fix that ? Please reply

  3. MOMOisfuzzy dice:

    is it unlocked cause if it is thats your answer

  4. lovecommaalexx dice:

    lol i cant stop laughing every time he says qwerty!!!

  5. o0oseleniteo0o dice:

    The HTC Sense design is hideous imo. One of the reasons I didnt want to get this phone, very unfeminine. Needs a better home screen.

  6. xlene10 dice:

    My HTC Inspire 4G is not sending or receiving images or pictures, can you help me?. Thanks.

  7. jjmaster333 dice:

    Dude greatest video I’ve seen over this item and I’m getting the phone right now I bought it on eBay last friday I can not wait for it to come great phone of what this looks like

  8. VengeancexVideos dice:

    heyy did you get this phone after all? if so how does it run with texting? :/ cuz im considering this one or the Samsung Captivate

  9. obadiasrvdgyxe33h dice:

    Enjoy the iphone4 TIME! Click here to get your iphone4! MuQ

  10. monkifiery1 dice:

    getting it 2morrow! cant wait!!

  11. chrsfaria dice:

    Does android 2.2 have a built in task killer?

  12. dsarehere dice:

    I use all seven i feel left out :(

  13. trebrooks98 dice:

    i just ca not wait until Christmas so i could get it

  14. kandythusaha dice:

    this phone dream to me …my dear brother send it to me ..thanks dear brother…….

  15. kandythusaha dice:

    this phone make me crazyyyyyyyyyyy…….i love it

  16. goofymonkeyful dice:

    (: im getting one for christmas;)
    can’t christmas go any faster!!;)

  17. NilesEliteChick97 dice:

    i can type even faster, my family thinks im crazy, ahhha, :)

  18. NFCBradyfan12 dice:

    I’ve read that several of AT&T smartphones have been lacking in the sound dept. People have been having issues with the sound quality of the HTC Inspire 4G and Samsung 4G.

    Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

  19. mogultech37 dice:

    i switched from an iPhone to this htc inspire. best phone change i’ve ever made

  20. amauryelchulo dice:


  21. bluetrent14 dice:

    I’m going to get it soon, I;m dying to get it!!!! :)

  22. soccerstar037 dice:

    this one or Samsung Infuse?

  23. soccerstar037 dice:

    this one or Samsung Infuse?

  24. bsl3216 dice:

    @Pocketnowvideo do some of those apps that are on your home screen get a constant internet feed therefor the phone will require a expensive data plan or will the $15 be ok if I just use wifi

  25. 9T6Q dice:

    it is….just has small changes on the design

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