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How to install Android-OS 2.3.7 0n Sony® Ericsson X8

Escrito Por Android on agosto 25th, 2012

CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL 0n how to get Android-OS 2.3.7 for your X8/TazBazMagic Download these files first: (GingerXperiaV10) First step is to: Root, Install & Use xRecovery 0n Xperia™ X8 Step 1: Root your Xperia™ X8 ( watch this for video tutorial) – download and unzip SuperOneClickv1.9.1-ShortFuse to Ordenador Desktop – connect Xperia™ X8 to Ordenador (Do not mount) – 0n your phone [goto] [setting] [applications] select [unknown sources] – 0n your phone [goto] [setting] [applications] [development] select [usb debugging] – Launch SuperOneClick, click [Root] – If it ask something about Busy Box just click Yes – you will see – [not successful – is your phone software higher than 2.0?] – click [yes] and then [success] & [test su] message (this last part might not appear the same as It’s written here, so just use your common sense to get through) If you are successful in ROOTING your phone – SuperUser aplicaciones will be installed to your Xperia™ X8. If you are not successful:- (a) check your Ordenador [devices] [usb] to see if your phone is recognized by your Ordenador (troubleshoot Ordenador driver problem) (b) [usb debugging] in your Xperia™ X8 phone settings enabled? Then [Launch] [SuperOneClick] and try again. Install any File Manager from Android-OS Market, such as Astro File Manager. Step 2: Mount Xperia™ X8 (to access SD Card) – copy [Root.Explorer.v2.16.apk] to Root of SD Card – using Ordenador create folder [xRecovery] and unzip
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48 Responses to “How to install Android-OS 2.3.7 0n Sony® Ericsson X8”

  1. RedxEnoBia dice:

    the link for the recovery is gone~ hope to u can fix it fast~ :)

  2. TazBazMagic dice:

    Once you have rooted you need to reboot the phone or else stuff won’t work as supposed

  3. Supina96 dice:

    why i cant opet root explorer, why?

  4. Kalifond dice:

    the link for xrecovery doesnt work!!

  5. Tomas Zakarauskas dice:

    Fantastic, thanks a lot for tutorial!

  6. TazBazMagic dice:

    Yes it does. I showed In the video

  7. TheZackworld dice:

    Does it support multi touch ?? Please help Thank you :)

  8. TheXGiga dice:

    i keep getting restart app when i try to open root explorer. I am stuck at Step 5 :(

  9. TazBazMagic dice:

    I don’t have the newest version for the X8 yet. Most of the new versions aren’t totally complete yet and they have plenty of bugs

  10. mag jhon salera dice:

    tnx man i owe oh 1…so nice it work on my x8 from 2.1 to 2.3.7
    nice english man…..from phil here..hey dude please send me the nxt version or latest for x8….tnx a lot

  11. TazBazMagic dice:

    Take out the battery. Put It back restart the phone, go back into the freexperia menu by hitting back key a few times during start. Choose to Install the again.

  12. mrkopet000 dice:

    hey, im stuck in the gingerxperia startup screen, and i can’t reboot my phone, what should i do? help :(

  13. 7J7D7 dice:

    You have to copy each file single, you did this? I didnt, but now it works!

  14. 7J7D7 dice:

    well, i push the right button i know now, but it doesnt work the same as TheDarshiv …


  15. 7J7D7 dice:

    Hey i have the same prob! If you know something new, pls write me! ty bro!

  16. 7J7D7 dice:

    HI which button du you mean to press to launch xrecovery? i dont get into the menu, pls help me!

  17. TazBazMagic dice:

    Yes you will have to root It. Mac doesn’t support .exe files so you will have to find a rooting software for Mac.

  18. Pedy Joyce Miranda dice:

    do i need to root my phone?? and will the file work on mac??

  19. TazBazMagic dice:

    Yes It will.

  20. Crabbyy22 dice:

    will this delete my text messaging or apps?

  21. TazBazMagic dice:


  22. 789xray dice:


  23. 789xray dice:


  24. Nipun Sharma dice:


  25. Nipun Sharma dice:

    running gingerbread 2.3 , unlocked fps, fixed autio stutter…
    the phone is awesome now…. 😀 😀 arc can go suck it

  26. fife2020 dice:

    holy shit!

  27. XxBabyWen92xX dice:

    i wanna buy an x10 but is it really having so much problem on it?

  28. Rihards Vizla dice:

    Of course x10 is a lot better, the sound is amazing., 😉

  29. Liverpool5563 dice:

    Not sure which phone is better to get Sony Ericsson xperia x2 or the x10 can somebody help

  30. coffee484 dice:

    had this phone for a week and so far no regrets, apart from a few typo’s with the keyboard but it still works like a dream

  31. kurk23 dice:

    ok the x10 might be a little slower then the iphone or droid, but seriously the phone isnt bad at all, phone freaks see one lil lag and the phones a POS, and i bet it get good service like all Ericssons!

  32. cellunlockernet dice:

    These are serious competitors to the iphone. Finally.
    The Desire, X10, and Galaxy S are all legit competitors.
    We get several request for these daily. They are selling like crazy

  33. chargerfan9000 dice:


  34. XchickenkillerX dice:

    if ur running on a data plant, say 200 mb, but ur connected to a wifi router, does the data plan still count the stuff used via wifi, not 3G

  35. sam3184 dice:

    i found this phone here in vancouver on sale for 0 dollars – now i am getting the deal with 30 $ voice plan and 30$ 6GB Data Plan- wahoo tommorow

  36. logileksen dice:

    Hi I was wondering, Rogers mentioned unlimited text, does this apply to only Canada-Wide? Or can you text US too?

  37. unknownperson95 dice:

    thats what i wanna know, maybe there is an app or ssomething?

  38. TheBlackWolfDK dice:

    I have the X10 and i love that phone more that eany other phone i ever had.

  39. BoondockSaintRyan dice:

    If anyone in Canada is looking for this phone, I’m gonna grab it tomorrow at Futureshop. They’re currently offering it on a 3-yr term for $49.99. You also get a $75 Futureshop gift card with purchase. Included inside the box is a 16gb microSD card as well. If anyone can suggest a cheap plan for me before tomorrow, I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks Droiddog!!!

  40. Vak331 dice:

    Phone will get 2.1 update soon.

    3G Frequencies for international edition: 900/1700/2100. Beautiful!

    Change carriers and get international edition for 500 USD. Not worth getting X10a for 500 USD.

  41. Vak331 dice:

    International Edition – better than the useless American ATT 3G edition – works on T-Mobile 3G in the United States and throughout the world (minus South America and China).

    That means use it on T-Mobile’s network here or go to Europe, Japan, Middle East, Australia, India, etc. and pop a sim card in. You’re set. This is my main reason for getting the factory unlocked Sony phone international edition.

  42. sergiozl10 dice:

    August 15th, $130 2 year contract

  43. 1995102 dice:

    200? thats bullshit really in canada it costs 500+ if u just get the phone

  44. iGeLoX dice:

    HELP?? pls compare the great x10 with iPhone 4

  45. mrantis dice:

    the first three question answers are August 15th, AT&T, around $200

  46. mrantis dice:

    it the standard android keyboard thats on the phoen

  47. dooseyboy dice:

    you have to get an app that lets you navigate the SD card.
    look at more videos; there are heaps that talk about this stuff

  48. justsomeguy101b dice:

    To be honest it looks great in my opinion but i took my phone back and got a htc desire because the sony X10 was way to buggy for my liking.

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