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Escrito Por Android on octubre 26th, 2012

Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is the international version of the LG® Optimus™ One. It is also coming to the United States 0n Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Verizon (rumored). Features include Android-OS 2.2, 600 MHz processor (MSM7227), 3.2 inch HVGA display, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, 3 megapixel camera, HSPA 7.2 Mbps, FM radio, and 1500 mAh battery. T-Mobile is offering this phone for FREE 0n contract or it cost only 9 at full retail price. T-Mobile also offers cronología plans starting at per month, so this is the perfect transitional smartphone(teléfono inteligente) for anyone out there 0n a budget.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. chivazhp0071314 dice:

    como puedo encontrar la novia en la auto escuela? afuerzas tengo que pasar todas las clases de hai o k onda?

  2. crprebolledo dice:

    Cuantas novias son ?


    erda a cada una le gusta algo diferente
    tendriamos que convertirnos en extraterrestres

  4. Eliseo Ahuanlla dice:

    como se llama la musica esta pajaa

  5. Carlos Nuñez dice:

    que rata, llegas con un auto chafa a la autoescuela y te llevas el super gt xD

  6. sOocktra lievano dice:

    con que ropa debo llegar para convencer a helena???’?’?????????


    siempre están, asegúrate de que fuiste al lugar correcto


    en las tiendas de ropa del juego la compras, solo tienes tienes que buscarla

  9. Edwardo molina dice:

    oye es solo cuando termines la cinta puedes conseguir novia ?

  10. Randy Cokewave dice:

    Hey Graciias Por el Viideo Me Sirviio Muucho Graciias :)

  11. nic7880 dice:

    asi esta bueno pone la novia perfecta

  12. Bndlrs dice:

    la cancion se llama the salmon dance (crookers remix)

  13. pablo hermosilla abarca dice:

    de adonde sacaste esa ropa

  14. Emiliano corrales dice:

    mierdaaa que esas son misiones

  15. angel gutierrez dice:

    era una mision o que porque yo fui y no la encontre

  16. Carlos Cevallos dice:

    muy bien pero donde las recojo

  17. Edgar Ruiz dice:

    buen video brother y muy bien explicado ojala todos los videos fueran asi grax

  18. nayid fernando dice:

    como se llama la cancion?

  19. conbathalo dice:

    buen video manita arriba XD!!

  20. pewediaz95 dice:

    como se llama esa cancion??????????????

  21. anthony adames dice:

    mira como se llama esa cancion

  22. gonzalo dorado dice:

    como se llama la cancion ¡¡???

  23. mamey3 dice:

    Gracias wey 

  24. ANgela osorio dice:

    es que hay algunas que uno haciendo misiones las desbloquea

  25. ANgela osorio dice:

    huy es el mejor rebueno

  26. jillianaf dice:

    Watching this video on my lg optimus one! I’ve had it for almost a year and drop it A LOT but it still works! I love it! :)

  27. jopak7 dice:

    i got it for P5,800 at discount sale in SM CEBU.

  28. kanishq ruhil dice:

    Excellent phone for a budget

    Stock ROM goes gingerbread

    While enough custom ROM to keep it up to date till 2020

  29. Sabbri marie dice:

    I have the LG optimus s it sucks lol but glad I.have a phone.

  30. John Mart Belamide dice:

    now ti just cost P6,500

  31. sosoknocked dice:

    1:33 who’s made that backround noise:? aha

  32. alex li dice:

    Did you have any proble about the dust in the screen?

  33. Prissy233 dice:

    Thank you so much! You made my decision alot easier

  34. mohawkman4567 dice:

    where did u get it?

  35. Phenom69ll dice:

    @braylindeshon14 search google: adobe flash lg p500 xda and ull find the apk 😉

  36. MrYour101 dice:

    It now cost $119 :)

  37. FRDKNG dice:

    Yeah tell me about it. Also the back cover was a bitch to remove for the first time. I thought I was going to break it.

  38. coolguyx10 dice:

    By ”One Ninty Nine” you mean 199.00. Yes?

  39. twistytwisted dice:

    The battery on this bitch is so hard to get out.

  40. Anas Malas dice:

    you can do that by going to the home menu, settings, wifi and net conections, strean wifi , you can stream the wifi from the 3g network any where to 5 devicer (labtops,tablets, mobail phones etc.)

  41. Clubbyful dice:

    One of the best cell phone unboxers/reviewers on Youtube!

  42. ScubaJr62 dice:

    everything in Korean is wrapped fancy.
    even delivery pizza has bows on it.

  43. Shottiiez dice:

    i wont one of these

  44. braylindeshon14 dice:

    Optimus s needs ADOBE FLASH 10.3 BUT CANT SUPPORT!!!WHY

  45. kimiloumar dice:

    yeah great mid range android phone..planing to buy this 2.3 gb out of the box plus 1500 mah..nice phone..

  46. francisco131415 dice:

    hola como esta ustede

  47. TheBandAOS dice:

    ,since im new to this cellphone, how can i turn th iternet connection off? i’v bought it yesterday and today i recieved an msm saying that i my web utilisation is atleast 10$ …WTF? how can i take it off? i don’t want to get a fuckd up bill.

  48. florineata87 dice:

    Telefonul asta este in romana :))

  49. ZIDBULA dice:

    one video said that you could stream wifi off of this phone… (like use it as a wifi signal for an ipod

  50. aaeavram dice:

    wtf the telephone was set on my natal language romanian

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