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BlackBerry Curve 9380 review

Escrito Por Android on julio 11th, 2012

RIM has made an entry-level version of their all-touchscreen BlackBerry Torch 9850 / 60, and it’s called the Curve 9380. I know, the branding confuses me too. Despite the on-contract pricetag with TELUS, the 9380 still operates relatively smoothly.
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25 Responses to “BlackBerry Curve 9380 review”

  1. punisher2910 dice:

    If you want to know how to download the blackberry’s and most of other phones for free watch my video
    thumbs up so thats other may know if you are satisfied!!!

  2. محمد سليمان dice:

    10 better then

  3. yemzzzi dice:

    typical…low battery

  4. mickery071 dice:

    just bought my first BB

  5. LethalHorrorsHD dice:

    Peace bro <3

  6. AStah001 dice:

    Lol, I think you read that in the wrong context. He wasn’t trying to be arrogant…he was complementing the phone bro. Lets be peaceful…. 😛

  7. OLERENSHAW12345 dice:

    I could of got the 9360 but didn’t like it so I it the 9300 :)

  8. seana broderick dice:

    your voice is so annoying.

  9. tan welby dice:

    how to change the themes??? pls reply soon… thanks before

  10. CaMaLyA91 dice:

    i find torch much better, but too expensive!!

  11. Jessicatheemogirl dice:

    I have that one :D

  12. Jessicatheemogirl dice:

    I have this phone 😀

  13. MrJoejoeTT dice:

    its better than a bold u think?

  14. paddy1001000 dice:

    shelleyallison2012 <<< EBAY ID BLACKBERRY CURVE 9360 FOR SALE!!!!!!

  15. liamegan97 dice:

    when did i say i was rich. a tip, before you say something think.

  16. LethalHorrorsHD dice:

    And your point is? Were not all rich snobs like you..

  17. ananyathecutedevil dice:

    no, here flash support stands for flash player, i.e. some internet site use flash player for their advertisments, you wont be able to see those Ads!

  18. JonnyLCTV dice:

    Does this phone have an HD screen?

  19. taylor burnstick dice:

    DO NOT GET THIS PHONE, idropped mine once & the part where you answer the phone cracked. & the back scratches soooooo easily .

  20. ccnikita1 dice:

    i have this phone , its complete bullshit

  21. blissorgasimz dice:

    your really fucking annoying….

  22. azamxs1 dice:

    Like this phone la… touch+ better value for RM than 9860 I think at RM800+ only

  23. ambergreiz dice:

    Hey .. what’s more advisable to buy .. ? Blackberry Curve 9370 or this one ?

  24. Programming2011 dice:

    your battery is already dead…… (no comment) -_-

  25. liamegan97 dice:

    id rather save the money and have this rather than the 9860

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