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BlackBerry Curve 9320 Hands On

Escrito Por Android on julio 20th, 2012

CrackBerry goes hands-on with the new BlackBerry Curve 9320 from Research In Motion

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24 Responses to “BlackBerry Curve 9320 Hands On”

  1. Suarezied dice:

    i wanna buy this, should i or better another phone?

  2. Appleguy80 dice:

    I just love this phone. Its cheap yet the features are great. Its totally a great phone over-all. Love it! Nice job RIM.

  3. mikhaildavid2012 dice:

    I got this phone a m0nth a ago, and i love it! The browser is fast, its easy to use! And have a good battery life! Get it!

  4. MsGirlsareforever dice:

    9320 cheaper and better

  5. Josh Mar dice:

    Dude, learn to speak.

  6. AndresHD7 dice:

    No ._.

  7. MiricleBoy007 dice:

    You should get 9360 is better

  8. BreakingPointGraphix dice:

    Should I Buy This it Is 149.99

  9. spiritflames1 dice:

    touch screen?

  10. k4s1m100 dice:

    9320much faster and its newer!! ive got one!

  11. ninetysevenhead dice:

    Watching this on my Curve now.. if you’re thinking about getting it, get it! Such a fast and good quality but cheap bb

  12. fusiontoa18 dice:


  13. ogleton1 dice:


  14. MyRalts12 dice:

    I think you should contact your network provider.

  15. koozeg dice:

    that intro was horrible

  16. Ftboyz99 dice:

    I just bought the 9320 today and cannot recieve any friend requests on bbm. i can add friends and my recent updates show but if anybody trys to add me the request doesnt show up. please help!!

  17. punisher2910 dice:

    If you want to know how to download the blackberry curve 9320 for free watch my video

  18. YorkGod1 dice:

    I going to get this phone tomorrow. After looking at all other blacberry’s this one look best!

  19. deJongBoy dice:

    *one more thing, is this a reliable phone?

  20. deJongBoy dice:

    Even though the resolution may not be as good as other phones, I think I am still gonna buy it. One

  21. deJongBoy dice:

    Good phone but crap resolution

  22. caleswales dice:

    استح على وجهك هذي مهي بحركات شخص مسلم متعلم ومربى

  23. Rohit Jatwala dice:

    go for 9320..its way better than 9360…better os with 7.1, longer battery life and great keypad…

  24. Abz464 dice:

    shall i sell my torch 9800 for this phone?

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