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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Review RIM

Escrito Por Android on julio 14th, 2012

This is my review of RIM’s newest BlackBerry Curve, the blackberry curve 3G 9300. Black Berrys are great cell phones and are the number one business phone. Watch the video for the full review! BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Unboxing video: Thanks for Watching and Please LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Check out my other channels:

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Review RIM”

  1. VipDiva11 dice:

    Gettin this phone in summer hols!!!!!!!! can wait to actually have a blackberry! x

  2. punisher2910 dice:

    If you want to know how to download the blackberry’s and most of other phones for free watch my video
    thumbs up so thats other may know if you are satisfied!!!

  3. MrMsug dice:

    Any1 interested in bb 9300 curve 3g? accept 52 quid but phone don’t turn on or nothing. Needs repairing. On o2 in good condition. can be unlocked for cheap! Am in south london

  4. MrMsug dice:

    Any1 interested in bb 9300 curve 3g? accept 52 quid but phone don’t turn on or nothing. Needs repairing. Am in south london

  5. PetshopLoverable dice:

    Getting this phone I am soooooooooo excited

  6. PetshopLoverable dice:

    I am getting that phone in White soooooooooo excited!

  7. Lee Jackson dice:

    im getting that phone im so exited

  8. mycatiscool1 dice:

    lol , HAD this phone , just upgraded to the bold 9900 , OMG so glad i did , the 3G really wasent a great phone

  9. MINTDEADLY dice:

    i am getting this phone tomorow now

  10. Sigy96 dice:

    I am getting this smexy beast soon can’t wait !!

  11. applze4 dice:

    I’ve been having the same problem, whenever I scroll down, it just goes all over the place lol

  12. ysmaboy dice:

    Mine just started to have problens with it´s trackpad… now it´s fixed but i was mad. i have over 5 months using it.

  13. imZinqyPS3 dice:

    Getting one for Bday 😀

  14. iiSwiift1 dice:

    2g is signal for calling, texting. 3G is for Internet.

  15. HeatTheBeat1 dice:

    i have this phone and it’s Really Great in using <3

  16. RadioMixs dice:

    i have an iphone 3gs but i hate it!!! i really want this phone :(

  17. Evanforevertill2012 dice:

    getting this phone on fido soon ;D

  18. hardman12ify dice:

    i am in love as well but need f***ng money

  19. Maja Sikorska dice:

    thanx for all the advice im getting it in 1 week time so hopefully i will use thhe advice thanx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. applze4 dice:

    I got it and it gives a lot of problems…

  21. TheDiante1 dice:

    what is 2g and 3g internet wise

  22. Dilara Akpinar dice:

    i think i know how to use a blackberry but thanx anyways

  23. 123THETURK dice:

    the charging is nothing compared to apple lol the ipod lasts for about 5hrs if u use it all the time

  24. harsh vashu dice:


  25. MrNoodles0 dice:

    Thankss Brooo!

  26. oc98mciver dice:

    Thanx dude u r the man

  27. Hitman3095 dice:

    The screws at the bottom on my iPhone are stripped/unthreaded meaning I can’t open the phone. Any help?!

  28. stepht373 dice:

    i just tried this and now my home button doesn’t work! help please!

  29. RamiRiefert dice:

    no problem I am always happy if I can help someone  😀

  30. DosefuI dice:

    This is just what I bought, thankyou VERY much. If only other people were as helpful as you…

  31. RamiRiefert dice:

    Something like this *** very rear but it looks awesome and it includes everything you need 😀

  32. DosefuI dice:

    Thankyou! :)

  33. RamiRiefert dice:

    a new display unit with lcd and digitizer

  34. DosefuI dice:

    My screen is smashed and the touch screen is not working either, will I need a new lcd or just a new digitizer?

  35. tackettsmillfarm dice:

    i got mine for $10 off of amazon
    -everything that you said to do in this video i did but my screen wont turn on. like my phone makes all the noises (ex: when i plug in the charger it makes that noise and when i flip the switch on the side that makes it silent it vibrates) but the screen is still black and its not the kind of black where it still kinda lights up its completely pitch black.

  36. TheLyricsVideosVEVO dice:

    i got mine from computer store $20

  37. MrJambungle dice:

    I got mine cheap from Ebay for about £3. But it didn’t come with adhesive strips.

  38. MrJambungle dice:

    Great video, straight to the point. I didn’t purchase any adhesive. Is it okay to use super glue such as locktite?

  39. Steven Wyatt dice:

    Really useful and informative. Thanks for fast forwarding the “obvious” bits :-)

  40. XxDJVirtualxX dice:

    he fast forward it lol

  41. djboyle31 dice:

    could you help me please,where in a bit of a pickle with our i phone,that would be great :)

  42. Elitecomputer93 dice:

    try wiping off the ribbon where its connected you could have accidently touched it during installation

  43. mtwut dice:

    i don’t know who else noticed.. but the digitizer is the glass. the LCD is seperate.

  44. Ejento0777 dice:

    Where are you guys getting the replacement digitizer glass from? O.o

  45. whiteballoonsin1978 dice:

    Wow, you sure can move your fingers fast! Incredible!

  46. mauroperez77 dice:

    Thanks man it worked

  47. DigiArtablet dice:

    hi i completed this tutorial and i turned my phone on and the screen would only turn white. so i opened and closed the phone again to check it was connected all inside right and now the phone wont light up at all, but i can tell it works because it vibrates when i switch the silent button. do you know what i might have done wrong please help me thankyou :(

  48. jgoonie5 dice:

    hold the home and power button for 10 seconds

  49. PaletFire dice:

    works perfectly thanks

  50. mauroperez77 dice:

    My screen turned white what did i do wrong plz help

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