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Beta JB CyanogenMod 10 Rom 0n the Samsung® Epic 4g Touch [REVIEW]

Escrito Por Android on agosto 3rd, 2012

This is a full review video of the Beta Jelly Bean CM10 Rom 0n the Samsung® Epic 4g Touch! Based 0n Android-OS 4.1.1 JB. Let me know what you think! Watch my how to install video here: Rom and Gapps: Like me 0n Facebook: Follow me 0n Twitter: Add me 0n Google® Plus: ACS Site: If you’d like to donate, please click here All donations go to my college fund and will be greatly appreciated :) Every little bit helps!

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24 Responses to “Beta JB CyanogenMod 10 Rom 0n the Samsung® Epic 4g Touch [REVIEW]”

  1. jns2415 dice:

    I’m on ICS Ive never rooted before or even messed with roms I even thought the manual update to ICS video was sketchy but after seeing this mod can someone help me out with all of this and Ive had a history with phones just going to shit and sprint replacing them but if I do all this I’m pretty much screwed if something goes wrong aren’t I? Can someone pm me please

  2. superpimpalicious dice:

    :/ a few bugs still.. Not possible for qb to know as many are associated to data & GPS but hopefully beta4 will be a dd..

  3. shisnatz2 dice:

    @Jacob Boe the trick is to reflash and then don’t set up Google now. just hit the microphone and talk to it without setting up I had the same problem.

  4. Carlos Osorio dice:

    i really like this rom but for some reason my internet never works when i change roms. i am using this phone but it is flashed to cricket wireless. ics works fine but not this or aokp why not? :(

  5. NEXTtoTIME1 dice:

    Hey King, i was actually wondering how well the “voice talk” feature works on this JB rom and how it compares to ICS? – Thanks for the many videos:)

  6. clubraydel2004 dice:

    @theo6luvaboi thankyou for the info.

  7. the06luvaboi dice:

    it still FCs when you use the camcorder

  8. the06luvaboi dice:

    download the drivers off the internet

  9. the06luvaboi dice:

    you can’t register it right now

  10. Jacob Boe dice:

    @InsaneProjectsInc hey I’m at the same spot as you… Do you know when BETA3 will be released?

  11. clubraydel2004 dice:

    @james7bond007 he moved on to the S3 but he didnt forget about us lol

  12. Jacob Boe dice:

    HOW DID YOU GET GOOGLE NOW TO WORK?… I am running BETA 2 and it forecloses everytime

  13. James7Bond007 dice:

    QB thanks for taking the time to make all these Epic 4G Touch videos – glad you didn’t move on to the S3 and forget about all of us!

  14. InsaneProjectsInc dice:

    @shisnatz2 I had the same problems that you had. I haven’t reflashed though. That’s a good idea. But I think I’ll just wait till beta 3.


    Thanks for not giving up on the SII. Some of us are still needing to use it due to contracts and pricing and such so it’s nice to see some newer roms to try. This one does seems quick, hopefully bugs gets worked out soon, will definately be considering it for a daily driver.

  16. shisnatz2 dice:

    It’s works great now but the first time I flashed this Rom Google now wasn’t working but I just reflashed and bingo! Ps. Memory button in setting force closes settings

  17. mDanielG1 dice:

    Can you answer my question on your other video on how to install? I’m having a very hard time getting my computer to recognize my device. I have tried different cables, I have debgugging on, everything. I rooted it w. Your videos so I don’t know why I can’t put this ROM :(

  18. Apk07 dice:

    Also your JB is on EL29 baseband D:

  19. Apk07 dice:

    You think you could take a few to test FG20 vs FF18 modem speeds?

  20. TKOReviews dice:

    Can you PLEASE do a video when it is out of Beta…tried it out and Google Search keeps force closing and can’t download apps. Can’t wait for final build!

  21. packerman2r3 dice:

    Google search keeps force closing on me.

  22. loungo1567 dice:

    Flashing back to el26 now, Cant wait to try this out.

  23. jukingmaster dice:

    Oh okay thanks im kinda new to this thats why i didn’t know, thanks for the clarification

  24. qbking77 dice:

    haha oops :P

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