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Appviews – Minecraft Pocket Edition Aplicaciones Review iPhone/iPod/iPad

Escrito Por Android on agosto 18th, 2012

Read the Written Review here – In-Depth Video Aplicaciones Review of Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPod/iPhone/iPad. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Download (.99) – Minecraft – Pocket Edition Aplicaciones Review Minecraft Pocket Edition Aplicaciones Review Minecraft Pocket Edition Video Review Minecraft Pocket Edition Gameplay

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25 Responses to “Appviews – Minecraft Pocket Edition Aplicaciones Review iPhone/iPod/iPad”

  1. Lal0budz13 dice:


  2. SonicvsMario15 dice:

    A seed is a special world generator that when you put in, it will always bring up the same world.

  3. JhonyBoy02 dice:

    I knew it was an old video, 0.3.3 is the current one. but you didn’t even know what a seed was. That is why I put that comment.

  4. jojopetv dice:

    make sure and look at the date. When it debuted, the pocket edition had almost nothing compared to now. Also I had never played any iteration of Minecraft.

  5. JhonyBoy02 dice:

    Wow, you dont know much about this

  6. ludwigdrummer199 dice:

    I have de demo on my android tablet

  7. charizard0724 dice:

    Fuck you bitch

  8. jojopetv dice:

    There is now, this review was done day of launch. Check my most recent vid on update 0.3.2

  9. Jherome Macaraig dice:

    So there is no survival mode

  10. Hadesorion32 dice:

    There’s no zombie like the lite version

  11. abc123567nbc dice:

    On the Ipad i did the pocket edition lite and i found like 27 diamonds

  12. iAMgAmingHDXx dice:

    To get free $10.00 iTunes card code go to AppStore then follow the steps 1. Search app trailer 2. Make an account 3. Enter garrettmontyy and wait it really works

  13. jojopetv dice:

    Yah I made this review in November 😉 – I’ve done an update video for every update including the furnace one 😉

  14. Monsterhighrox21 dice:

    You do know I have that app its very fun but if you dig deep you can find that like umm red and grey block

  15. TheGuyYouKilled dice:

    There are craft benches and zombies. You can’t find any because your on creative mode. You have to go onto survival to see it.

  16. TheAJ471 dice:

    Right now I only have the lite version for free and I know that in the full version it has doors and crafting table as the latest update. Free version has a bunch of stuff but not that much. I recommend trying the free version first.

  17. EthanCGamer dice:

    @tristan1584 Or use installous.

  18. tristan1584 dice:

    For those who don’t want to spend money on a app. You can get great games for free when you download “App Trailers” on your iphone/ipod/ipad In AppStore and then using my bonus code ‘tristan1584′ for alot of credit when you sign up.

  19. MrBigaz132 dice:

    K thnx

  20. jojopetv dice:

    no wifi required

  21. MrBigaz132 dice:

    Do you need wifi for it? I know you need for multiplayer but what about solo?

  22. jojopetv dice:

    yes, but when I did this video back in November all they had was Creative mode 😉

  23. warriorwizard1 dice:

    I know you gave this 5 stars I agree with you but there’s survival mode then you get life crafting tab els and crafting so ya nice vid

  24. Tiger200065 dice:


  25. Anthony Jesse Taylor dice:

    Visit my channel and watch my video to see how to generate AWESOME worlds. (‘:

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