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Angry Birds Star Wars – How to Unlock Path of the Jedi for FREE

Escrito Por Android on enero 10th, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars How to Unlock Path of the Jedi for Free. According to a tweet by Rovio, you must 3 Star the entire game to unlock Path of the Jedi. Tatooine 3 Star Walkthrough: Death Star 3 Star Walkthrough: Bonus Levels 3 Star Walkthrough: Twitter @JohnTarrJr Twitter @ExplicitD Facebook Google+ Livestreams
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19 Responses to “Angry Birds Star Wars – How to Unlock Path of the Jedi for FREE”

  1. justaprgirl dice:

    K, I’ve got a pain in the a** issue here. Is it just the Nook that does not have the Death Star or Hoth planets open to play yet? I’ve seen everywhere that Hoth was opened Nov. 29th! Also, I purchased the PC version of Angry Birds Star Wars thinking that this would solve the problem and nope! It also does not have the planet Hoth open. My son is having a cow over here considering every other kid is able to play this damn planet on their devices, which happen to NOT be Nooks. Please help!!! NE1?

  2. alienorbiter dice:

    not helping. I already paid for the game.

  3. XxBlackOpsXx12333 dice:

    Get to the point here

  4. Imafreakineatyou dice:

    Dude get to the fucking point

  5. JASantos73 dice:

    Just need to 3 star whatever is available at the moment, except for the bonus levels; I did tatooine, DS and half hoth and got path unlocked

  6. Georgi Sotirov dice:

    Dude use cheats “logic”

  7. Jan Sotona dice:


  8. olejnikster dice:

    We realy don’t know if we have stars and a 1.99 just make a video hummm

  9. kcmcorey dice:

    I really eant to buy it or get it free

  10. GodofTheWatcher dice:

    3 star in tatoine and death star BOOM free path of jedi

  11. 210nate210 dice:

    I just unlocked path of the Jedi just now for free

  12. Killerdona dice:

    I have 3 stars in all and I dont have the path of jedy waths up

  13. Facundo Vénica dice:

    Why the fuck would you pay for something you can get for free? It’s way more retarded to pay than to actually try and get the 3-stars in all the levels; and before you say shit about needing a walkthrough, I found out this after playing the whole game and only needed it for 5 or 6 levels in total. And now i can play path of the jedi too

  14. kkocak1234567890 dice:

    Fucking retarded just pay 2 dollars

  15. roohihi234 dice:

    Good, because I’m having trouble with it.

  16. thebisciouts dice:

    i’ll just use your guide and save 1.99. awesome

  17. NextGenWalkthroughs dice:


  18. roohihi234 dice:

    Will you walkthrough Path of the Jedi?

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