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2007 Telcel/Motorola Mexico 200 (English y en Espanol)

Escrito Por Android on diciembre 23rd, 2012

2007 Telcel/Motorola Mexico 200 NASCAR Busch Series Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez March 4, 2007 The third running of the Telcel/Motorola Mexico 200 was the first for ESPN, so they decided to do full-blown coverage called “ESPN Full Circle.” They’ve done this for some basketball and football games, but IIRC, this is the only instance for NASCAR (I don’t think they do this anymore). ESPN2 had the main version while ESPN was a simulcast of ESPN Deportes. I’m sure the people who were looking for Sportscenter were not expecting a NASCAR race in Spanish. So, this upload is half English-half Spanish. I recorded intermittently because I switched channels when the English version went to commercial (so I can watch the race ‘commercial free’). Plus, honestly, the Spanish commentary was better than the Dr. Jerry Punch-Rusty Wallace combo we were subjected to in 2007. I just wanted to share what I have of this race. Sorry in advance about the half-Spanish/half-English race if you don’t speak Spanish. If anyone has a full English ESPN version of this race, that would be good to upload. Results: Credit to ESPN2.

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6 Responses to “2007 Telcel/Motorola Mexico 200 (English y en Espanol)”

  1. Abraham Peñaloza dice:

    If F1 will back in 2014 maybe Nationwide back idiot!

  2. Z D Nascarperson dice:

    Cup never went to this track idiot

  3. TheGodzillarules dice:

    sound more like spanglish

  4. plastic1492 dice:

    Thanks so much form posting this race / I wish that cup would return to this track

  5. james40778 dice:

    I remember watching this race, and during commercials I could switch to the ESPN/ESPN Deportes simulcast and watch action I would have otherwise missed (in Spanish, of course).

  6. UltimateEEnEFan dice:

    You’ve officially uploaded every remaining race I own and planned to upload. Haha. No, it’s all good. I wouldn’t have been able to post these races anyway. Don’t have the money to buy the technology. He he. It’s just funny, the last two races I had on tape that were’nt on YouTube (2005 Wallace Family Tribute 250 and this one) have been uploaded by you recently. Small world we live in eh? Keep it up! Great uploads!

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